Monday, December 19, 2005


Today, I am frantically trying to finish making all gifts, get the house in order, and make sure I'm completely packed for our trip. I'm going to be gone until into January, and want to make sure I leave the house in good enough shape that the cats won't be able to kill themselves while we're gone. Because they have shown many times in the past by eating yarn and thread and jumping off high things, and knocking things over on themselves and shoving themselves behind dangerous appliances that they want to die. My job is to prevent their constant suicide attempts.

I also have to perform the time consuming and all important ritual of deciding what projects to take with me. I think socks for the plane to really occupy my mind, a prayer shawl for mindless crochet while with family, and the felted purse, so I actually get some designing done. And the yarn for the lacy scarf for my mom. I can't just make it, because she just was telling me about a scarf she was making herself, so I don't know if she'd want this one, but I'll show her and ask her if she'd want me to make it. Or she could have the yarn if she wants. Plus I packed my suitcase with lots of different skeins of knitpicks yarns to show her because they don't use the internet and she hasn't gotten her knitpicks catalog yet.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Have a great day. Whether you celebrate or not, take advantage of the time off... and have a blessed and joyous holiday of your choice. I'll be posting next year!

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hearts and Pearls

so... since Crochet Me isn't so much into returning emails. And also seems to not want to have new contributions, I'm going to post a whole picture of the Valentine's Day scarf here. That'll show me to email them late, next time I want to submit to them, it'll be early or not at all. Anyway, here it is:

I'm actually quite proud of it. Here's another:

What do you all think? Would you make one? I mean, if you were into light pink hearts and pearls and ultra gag me with a spoon romantic things...

I think I'll just write up the pattern and print it nice and submit it to the the Sampler. That would be a good sample to promote my site. I'll probably even have patterns on it by then. :)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weather Picture...

I was supposed to post a picture of myself wearing appropriate clothing for my climate yesterday, but I had to wait till Ben got home to take it and it didn't really turn out well because it was dark and raining by then. So I'll describe it and try for another picture tomorrow. See about this here.

Yesterday was relatively overcast and chilly. I was wearing my jeans and tennis shoes, a tank top and a long sleeve hooded sweater. I actually should have put on my jacket if I'd gone anywhere on my bike. It gets chilly pedaling.

Other news... I've got some kind of repetive motion thing wrong with my thumb. At least that's what I think it is. It hurts when I crochet and type. So, I'm laying off both for the day.

I'm working on some knitted sweaters on the knitting machine. I got a part over the weekend to make it work again, it had gotten bent in the move, so I haven't used it for a year and a half. But now, it's working and I'm making hooded sweaters for Manny, Julia, and Gabe. They will be cute. Ben actually called Julia a flaming ball of cute the other day, so I hope my sweater doesn't burn up upon impact. Luckily, machine knitting doesn't hurt my thumb. So that's what I'm doing today.

Also, Christmas shopping for Ben is complete. I'm hoping that one last minute eBay buy makes it by the weekend, but other than that, I've got everything and only have a few more things to wrap. We set a limit this year, and I liked that because it was fun and challenging to get everything I thought he might like and have a variety. And no books this year! I finally realized that he just does not like books as much as I want him to like books. Hopefully, he'll follow suit and I won't be getting any cd's or video games. I would list everything I got him and all, but I don't know if he might read this blog every once in a while. So I'll do that after we do presents this weekend.

Hopefully, pictures of kid sweaters tomorrow. Or, more accurately, kid sweater pieces. I'm planning to do all the knitting here and then sew up the pieces once we're at my parents house next week.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Little Sneak Peek

... and I do mean little:

I sent pics to the Crochet Me team today. I hope they'll respond. I know I missed the proposal deadline, but I can completely make the pattern deadline, so I hope they'll be willing to include my project. If not, I'll just put it on my site, I guess.

Ben's coming back from St. Louis today. Yay! I hate when he's gone. Sleeping on the couch sucks. But for some reason it's way less scary then going to bed is, so I do it. Anyway, no couch for me tonight!

Today, I've got to finish the scarf for Ben's mom for her birthday present. I think that'll take a while... the edging starts with like 800 sc. Maybe I won't use an edging.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh wow, they're Members...

So as a Christmas present to each other, Ben and I bought memberships to the Phoenix Zoo. We went on Sunday, and it was all very VIP. Okay, not really, but it was fun. It's just pretty and nice to walk around there. I'm not so into the caged animals, that kinda depresses me, but Ben loves zoos so much, and this one does seem like a nice zoo.

I've been working on a project to the Crochet Me Love Issue. Yes, I know I missed the deadline, but since I have to finish it anyway, I figured, why not finish as soon as possible and see if they still might include it. I just have to put the finishing touches on the edging. This isn't the super secret surprise project. It's just a simpler one I knew I could finish and would look classy. I hope. I think I'll be able to finish that one today. And I still have the lace-y scarf for Ben's mom's birthday to finish up too. Maybe pictures tomorrow.

So I've got lots of sewing projects in the works today too, but I want to get the crocheting out of the way before I buckle down on that. Most of what I'm sewing should go fairly quickly.

I saw the pictures from Joe and Jess' wedding. I was pleasantly surprised at how non-lumpy and weird I looked. Even attractive. Except I have severe posture issues. As in, I'm way too crazy rigidly upright.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Public Service to My Readers

I'd like to point out to everyone how nice I am to have not turned on that crazy annoying "word" verification thing for the comments. And I say "word" because those are not words. Not even close. Anyway, I had a point. Oh yeah, you don't have to do the annoying word verification to comment. Nice, huh?

I was actually considering not posting a new post until someone commented on my last post, but I realized that being that weirdly passive aggressive with my own blog is just crazy.

I've been working on lacey scarves. And everytime I try a new yarn, I get about a million ideas of what I could do with it. I think I'm just going to have to get every yarn knitpicks sells in every color. I love them.

I've been trying to take a good picture of my new bucket hat, but in every one, I either look like a lump, or I look good and you can't see the hat. I guess I'll have to get Ben to play photographer when he gets home.

There's nothing much going on right now. The house is looking pretty nice with all the Christmas decorations, and I like that... And I got a new vaccum cleaner, and it sooo cool. I just thought of that because today is floor day.

I've been working on sewing lately. I cut out a bunch of patterns yesterday, and on Wed. I made Ben some new flannel pants because all of his dissappeared somehow. I've got fabric for Adam's Christmas present all cut. (Yeah, I know, we're not doing presents this year... pooh, but I bought the fabric months and months ago.) And three outfits for Julia. They might not all be for Christmas, but I figured that while I was cutting, I might as well get it done, so I went through my fabric and picked out some things that would look cute. That's a great thing about sewing little clothes... you can get them out of leftovers. I'll post pictures for sure when I'm done.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We are artistes!

Yeah, I don't pick on your spelling.

So Ben and I made this over the weekend. We needed something nice to go on the huge blank wall over the couch. It looks way better in person on the wall. I tried to get a picture of it where it actually looked like it was on a wall, but all of those were just a big flashy glare. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of it, considering we cut the stencils and did the layouts of the design ourselves. The actual designs came from dover's clip art books. The whole thing looks quite good with the couch.

And here's a hat that I made for myself yesterday.

I just noticed that I still tend to look quite pasty despite living in Arizona. I think it might be time to get some tinted face cream.

I had to go to the Dr. today and have her tell me my cholesterol is too high. I knew that already, so nothing new. I did have her rewrite all my prescriptions for three month amounts so that we can get them through mail order. I don't know why we didn't do that sooner, it'll cut the prescription costs by a third. The lump in my breast was just a couple of cysts next to each other though. So that was good news.

Ben and I got our flights for our visit home for Christmas all taken care of. I'm glad it's all planned now.

I called my sewing student yesterday to see that she'd be there Wed to finish up the class, and she was all... I'm not sure if I can make it. I didn't really know what to say to that, so I said, well, you just call me and let me know. But I don't really like that, because I don't like not knowing if I have to be somewhere.

At least I know that for today I don't have to be anywhere. I'm going to work on another of the lacey scarves for the lacey scarf pattern set. This one is also going to be my Grandma's Christmas present. I also want to start on my super secret surprise pattern that I want to submit to the love issue of CrochetMe. But I'm not sure if it'll be too complicated or not.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

One of the Best Thanksgivings Yet!

So, I had a great Thanksgiving... nothing in particular was spectacular, but it was just so generally nice. And it was great spending so much time with Ben.


There. Now I'm all ready for Christmas. Bring it on!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Thanks for the well wishes in the comments before. I found out the blood work results aren't as scary as I thought they were. I do have to start taking cholesterol medicine, but that seems genetically inevitiable, so not a big deal. I still have to have the booby scan done next week and then I won't find out if the lump is a cyst or a LUMP until the week after, but that's no reason to put my life on hold worrying or something.

More yarn from Knitpicks came on Monday. I'm an addict. I've got numerous colors of Alpaca Cloud for lacy scarves... could you be one of the lucky ones? And I got lots of Andean Treasure in Mystery to make gauntlets for Donna and some in Embers for a special design I've been thinking of for the special love/valentine's day Crochet Me. I've got four skeins of the Mystery and I'm thinking that was pretty much overkill considering I made my short wrist fingerless gloves out of one skein for the pair. But I was thinking I might try cabling on these gauntlets, so that'll take more yarn.

I don't have to teach my class today, my student in busy, but I still might go over there and see if I can find some elastic thread. I tried the plastic cording that's really stretchy that I had here from making some bracelets, but it didn't work at all. Way too rubbery, so it stuck to the hook really badly with each stitch and stayed behind.

Ben's gone until tomorrow night, so whatever I decide to do today, I'm making it an all Beth kinda day. Starting with Cheerios for breakfast and ending with watching the hours of things that I dvred since last week and haven't watched yet. I still have last week's Lost and ER and lots of history channel shows to get through, lol.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, they ended up married...

So, big wedding this past weekend. Everything went well, and it was all pretty. I'm assuming it took and they're good and married now.

I'm glad to be home. It's nice to be in my own house and snuggling the cats after all that travel and uncomfortable hotel room beds. Plus I had just about as much crazy as I could take.

We went to the this really cool place called Plimoth Plantation. It was super fun. I liked it so much. And I learned that knitting at the time wasn't something ordinary everyday women did for their families. They bought their stockings and other knitted things from England. And the knitting was done by poor women. The Pligrim ladies didn't sew either. They got everything all ready-made. I guess it makes sense because I knew that wearing homespun and knitting were seen as patriotic things during the revolution and afterward, so I guess that's because they were boycotting the British made things. I knew that, but it never connected to me before that it was actually true that Plymouth was mainly a consumer culture. I found it interesting to talk to the interpreter people about that stuff.

I added another article on my site. This one is about the properties of different fibers and how they're best used. I think the next one will be about different yarn weights and why they matter.

I've been having a hard week or so. I've learned a few scary things about my health, but haven't heard anything definitive yet so I am feeling scared and uneasy.

I want to find elastic thread to carry along with yarn to help make a stretchy cuff. My fingerless gloves (which all of Ben's family thinks I'm a freak for wearing, btw), are nice, but the alpaca in the ribbing stitch doesn't have much memory, and I'd like to improve that before I start the long gauntlets for Donna.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Picture day!

Here are some pictures of what I've been up to lately.

Fingerless gloves with a thumb gusset. The pair took exactly one skein of Andean Treasure from Knitpicks. There was only about four inches of yarn left after I finished the second one. I'm totally in love with the thumb gusset, it makes them so much more comfortable to wear compared to any other gloves I've tried making. Next time I'm going to try carrying along a strand of elastic for the ribbing so it's got better recovery.

One of a set of three lace scarves I'm planning. This one is Shadow from Knitpicks in Campfire. It hasn't been blocked because I ran out of yarn about twenty stitches away from the end of the last round of the edging, so I'm going to tear it all the way back and try again with a smaller hook and see if that will eek out enough yarn for me. If that doesn't work, I'll take out the whole edging and do it all with the smaller hook. If that doesn't work, I'll bury it in the bottom of my yarn and try to forget it.

The swift in action. It's not classy. It's not pretty. But it attracts adorable kitties.

Other things I've been working on. I've done some swatches for a baby sweater made of Parade and Andean Treasure, I've got schematics drawn, I just have to decide what style shoulder/sleeve I want. I did a change purse to practice the shaping for a felted purse I'm designing out of Merino Style, it came out really cute and now I just have to order enough yarn, and I can get that one written up. I forgot to take pictures of the little pouch, but maybe next time. It felted beautifully, and I can't wait to do the full sized one.

We're leaving tomorrow for the wedding, so I have lots to get done by then. Sorry Julie, no pictures of the dress yet, I'll post some when I get back.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

San Diego

Ben had to go to San Diego at the beginning of the week for work, and I got to tag along. We left on Saturday and got back on Wednesday night. We had a good time. We went to the zoo and saw the pandas. Even though Ben is totally down on pandas and always talking about how they "de-evolved" and if they want to quit breeding that's their business. I take a less harsh stance on pandas. Anyway, the polar bears were my favorite because they were jumping around and playing in the water. It was cool.

We went to the fair yesterday and looked at all the animals and all the food and craft entries. That was a lot of fun, and I am definately not missing the deadline to enter next year. I'm seriously going for a blue ribbon, lol.

We're leaving on Thursday for the big wedding of the year. We bought the tickets and I have a dress, so all I have to do still is figure out what I'll do about a coat, buy different shoes, find something to wear for the rehearsal dinner, and find a good evening purse. No problem.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I just spent the last three or so hours writing an article about choosing animal friendly yarns. Why? So I can put it on my site and have content. Also, it was sort of fun. Anyway, I'm hoping to add an article a day and really build up my content, and hopefully my adsense income. The other articles will be much shorter hopefully. I was shooting for four hundred words and came away with about a thousand. I need to work on brevity. Anyway, I reformatted my site to add the article and that was about an hour worth of the three hours right there. But now as I write them, I can just plug them in.

There will be a picture of the swift in action on its way, as per Pam's request. I just have to get around to taking it. But don't expect anything spectacular, it's quite cheesy. And only does one size skein, unless I take it apart and replace key parts with other k'nex. Oh, and Alison, that's exactly where I got the idea... well, the other post about the swift made of k'nex is EXACTLY where I got it. Doesn't Craftster rock your butt off? Does mine. I'd do the winder like they did, but those legos are expensive and hard to find. I'm looking into alternatives.

I'm sick of the computer now, so I'm heading out to go watch History Channel and crochet. That's about the best way to spend a few morning hours that I can think of.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

My beppycat email has been taken over.

Ever since I signed up for AdSense, my special email has been getting spam that claims to be from the Beppycat Service Center. Since I am beppycat, this disturbs me, because I know I haven't been sending me stuff.

I don't blame Google at all though. I should have known better than to use my secure email that's gotten no spam ever. I should have used my yahoo account to begin with. I'm changing my email with them so hopefully that will help. I just hope that no one else is getting these crazy spam mails pretending to be from me.

I have an order for a large amount of patches that I have to get finished early this week, as they have to be delivered by Friday. But I am making a good amount of money for it. So, no complaints from me. It'll just be a matter of doing it. I'll post pictures when I finish.

I made stew yesterday with ground sirloin, trying to capture my childhood. It was actually pretty close. I put the browned hamburger in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots and homemade gravy. Ben liked it alot. And it was especially good where it was all mushy biscuity.

Today I'm trying another slow cooker recipe that I made up. I'm going to put chicken breasts in and cover them with marinara sauce and then serve it over pasta. We'll see how it turns out. Anything I can eat with garlic bread will be good no matter what.

I crocheted so long on Friday that my right arm was sore the rest of the weekend. But my lacy scarf is coming along nicely. I think I'll have to buy another skein though, I might have made the whole thing a bit too wide to be long enough in one skein. I hope they can find me the same dye lot.

I bought a tub of k'nex yesterday and built a swift out of them. It works fairly well. And was a deal at twenty dollars for the k'nex compared to sixty for a wooden one. Of course a wooden one is classier, but this is reusable as other things and there's extra k'nex left over. Now I just have to figure out how to build a ball winder.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm sorry Ben...

... I think I'm in love with KnitPicks.

It came yesterday! I'm so excited. The Andean Treasure! Oh my gosh, so soft. The Shine! So, so cool. The only thing that wasn't pretty much exactly how I expected was the Sierra. It's a great yarn, but just not as soft as I'd hoped. So I think I'll send it back and get some more of the Andean Treasure instead. Oh! and Alpaca Cloud. And Elegance! And Ambrosia!

Really, someone stop me. Knitpicks has created a monster.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Goodwill Hunting

I went to the Goodwill today because it was dollar Thursday. I came away with an apple peeler/corer from Pampered Chef for $3. A wool sports coat for a dollar to cut up and make a purse. A book of Christmas cross stitch patterns for Missy. A couple craft books, ribboncraft, crochet, scrapbooks. And some smocking magazines for Diane. A sastifactory goodwill day.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Julie Rocks!

I mean, just look what she made me. And sent as a surprise out of the blue.

I'm totally craving beef stew over biscuits. But I can't ever make it taste the way it did when they'd give us that in elementary school. I tried to get the recipe from the cook when I got older, but she was like, well, "you'd make the stew..." It was like she didn't quite get that I don't just have how to make stew ingrained in me. I know that it wasn't real stew because it had ground beef instead of stew meat because that's what they could afford to feed us. Maybe I should just try a normal stew recipe but put ground beef in it. Anyway, I won't be doing that today, so the craving will go on.

It's sewing class day. I hope we can finally finish the pants. If we don't, I'm going to be so behind my lesson plan. Whatever

I got the Little Brown Bag kit from Bag Smith when Ben and I were in Tucson this weekend. (I just had to stop and Purls and check them out.) I think that on the whole, I would give this kit a bad review. The pattern it came with is not very great, just a tube with a separate bottom, and it's got typos and mistakes in it. Plus, I'm not so much into the black handles on a brown bag thing. It also comes with a little liner all sewn together, but there are no instructions whatsoever on how to insert it or what to do with it. On the good side, the cord it comes with is neat and crochets into a good bag fabric. But it definately wasn't worth the $35. I'm just a sucker for stuff that comes in a kit or as a set.

We had a lot of fun in Tucson. We went to the desert museum which is like a big zoo/botanical gardens, and saw a mountain lion and other big killer cats, and agaves and other big killer cacti. It didn't really make me like living in the desert any more than I did before, but their diagram on water usage convinced me that no one else should live here either. I also learned that javelinas are a pest problem in some areas. That surprised me, I've never seen them anywhere but in a zoo.

The class on Monday night was interesting, but the main point I took away from it and liked the most Julie will most likely cover on her blog, because it was something that I just had to share with her and she said, "I'm going to write about that on my blog." Anyway, just go there and read about it.

We didn't go to the dance class last night. So we're probably not going next week either since we already missed half. I just didn't have it in me to make Ben go when he dislikes it so much. And we learned to waltz. That was the goal and we accomplished that the second week.

Pickles is sitting in my lap and pressing her forehead against my hand really hard. She's so spoiled it's not even funny.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blog season! No, Duck Season! Shoot!

So, I think I'm hitting a slump in my blogging. Like you couldn't tell on your own.

Last week was a sort of hard week for me. Ben was gone all week, and it was my dad's birthday, so I was homesick and lonely. Not the best of combinations. But things are more normal now, and that's good.

I bought a dress for the wedding the week before last. I like to think of it as my "perfectly acceptable dress to wear in case I don't find the dress that's perfect" dress. A back up if you will. And it's all returnable. Though I'm pretty sure it's going to be the one I wear, because I was kinda getting sick of looking at dresses. I'll post pictures sometime. We'll have a vote. It'll be fun.

I went to the first class of the OCIA with Ben on Monday. That's the learning to be Catholic classes. I'm going to be his confirmation sponsor. Now that sponsors are going, I'm going to be going to these classes for the next eight months. Takes a long time to learn to be Catholic. Which is funny because I was born in March and Baptized in April. Guess I was just a natural. hehehe

I've been dragging lately. Like, so tired my arms seem heavy. And I've been trying to do everything that I'm supposed to be doing, like eating right and exercising and getting my housework done, and not just sitting around. Because everyone knows that sitting around makes you more tired than being active, and I'm still zapped. I don't get it. But I'm going to the dr. in November for my yearly checkup, so I might talk it over with her then. This week so far I haven't worked out, so I'm going to swim after I get back from my sewing class and see if that'll make a difference. We even skipped the ballroom dancing class because I was just sooo sleepy. But Ben didn't seem too broken up about it.

I ordered some things from Mary Maxim and they came on Friday. Among the things I got were some really cool iron on transfers for embroidery with the fifty state outlines and their flowers and birds and capitals. The ultimate goal is to someday make a quilt out of them. Which I'm sure if I started now I could have done in about five years. Realistically, I could maybe do it in two years, including the embroidering, sewing and quilting, but that would mean not working on anything else much. Mostly I just like owning them. And because I never know when enough is enough, I also got a pack of the fifty state birds transfers and a pack of the fifty state flower transfers. I am weak.

I've been drooling over knitpicks site lately. I just discovered it, and I'm sooo tempted to order a huge amount of things. I just can't get over their prices. I especially like the lace weight yarns. I'm in a battle with myself over whether everyone I know needs lacy scarves for Christmas. Once again, weak.

I took a quiz today that said that Jason Bateman is my eighties heart throb. And that does not surprise me one bit because he's totally sexy and I love Arrested Development. So he's still my heart throb? I guess.

Happy Lost Day.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm a bad blogger... that makes me a sad Panda.

Last week we went golfing with Ben's team at work. His work team, not his golf team. There is no golf team. I got to drive the cart. It was so much fun. Driving the cart is awesome.

I've been addicted to the Gilmore Girls this week. I got the first season from netflix and I've been watching them for hours straight. It's such a good show, makes me feel a little manic, but is very good.

We learned to waltz last night. I caught on much faster to that than I did the tango. We won't talk about the foxtrot.

I'm going to Fashion Bug tomorrow to see if I can find a dress for the wedding. I'm not sure if the ones they have are formal enough, but I'm going to find out. I also want a pair of kahki pants. But I want them to be flairs. I don't know if that exists. I might just have to make them.

And on the subject of making things... I haven't been. I've got a block. I might just make myself sit down and crochet anything, just to see if I can get past it. And I have to work on my dress for the rehearsal dinner too sometime. But my sewing block seems almost insurmountable.

I have been baking a lot lately. And really enjoying it. Last week I did blueberry pie and banana muffins. Yesterday was cake. And tomorrow is pumpkin pie.

I'm branching out with my cooking too. Today I'm making baked beans from scratch for the first time. I hope they turn out, it's a surprise for Ben. I'm serving them with fried chicken. Banquet fried chicken, because nothing I make from scratch tastes as good as that.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Indoor Baseball

We went to the Diamondsbacks' game on Sunday. It was pretty neat, because they're stadium is covered and airconditioned. It was like being outside at a place that's not hellish. And I had the biggest bag of cotton candy ever. I didn't finish it till yesterday.

After church on Sunday, we went to the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast. It was very good food, but the funny part was that some people from the choir sat with us. Okay, not funny in its self, but I have this thing with the choir there. Last month, they were complaining about not enough participation from the congregation and stuff... okay here's the reasons they have that problem:

They sing songs that no one knows.
They all sing in keys that are so high no one else can reach them. (I know that's church music, but still.)
They sing into the microphones at all times, so people always feel like they're doing solos.
They turn the ordinary songs that everyone's supposed to sing into cantor songs so they can do the verses as solos.
Did I mention that they always pick songs that no one knows?

So I've been threatening to send them a letter explaining all these things to them and clueing them into why they have participation problems. And the whole time the choir people were sitting at our table I was thinking... what if i just tell them? would that be so bad?
I didn't though.

I made blueberry pie last night. It didn't turn out right, the sugar and flour didn't mix up with the blueberries the way it was meant to. But at least it set up. The last one I made was just a lake of blueberry juice.

I'm very much in a baking mood, but I think I'll hold off till the pie is gone to make anything else. There's no one to eat lots of baked goods, just the two of us, and I don't think we should be eating massive amounts of pie and bread and cookies. No matter how much we'd like to.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

La, La, La.

So the dancing was fun. I can now, in theory, Tango. In reality, I'm not so great. But it's fun none the less. And I didn't injure anyone. But I'm scared to go backward and just let Ben steer me. Guess I'll have to try to get used to that.

I have no plans for the day. That kind of bugs me. I like to have plans. I don't like doing nothing. I guess I'll just start a new project. Maybe I'll have to check the Christmas list and see what needs doing. Or maybe I'll finish sketching the schematic for the cabled hoodie and make the front of that.

I think tomorrow I'll go to the mall. And read books I'm not planning to buy at Barnes and Noble. And go shoe shopping. I couldn't find any I liked the other day.

I should start sewing my dress together. But I don't want to.

No one is signing up for my sewing class. I have one student, which means I have to go and teach it, but also means that it's not really worth my time to do so. Grr. I'm going to have to do something about this... either advertise better or quit the classes. Of course getting more students would be the best thing. Just not sure how to do that.

There are mysterious noises coming from the kitchen. I think the cats are revolting. They spent all day yesterday with no food in the dish, so I think they were planning a coup. Never mind that I gave them wet food and that Ben put out food in the dish as soon as he got home. Nope, it's unforgivable to even see the bottom of the bowl, let alone spend a whole eight hours with only bottom showing. I'm in for it now.

I'm thinking of turning to the dark side and practicing knitting. I know, I shouldn't leave the way of the hook. But I'm sure that as soon as I try to make anything that's more the nine stitches wide on needles that are less then 17, I'll remember why I don't knit.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Strictly Ballroom

Today Ben and I start our ballroom dancing class. I hope I don't trip or knock anyone down. Those are my two high goals for the whole class. And if I manage to learn to waltz for the fancyshmancy wedding, that will be good too. In fact, even if I knock someone down, but I still learn to waltz, I will consider it a success.

I had to rip out all the sweat that I was working on... it was cute how it was, but it wasn't turning out how I'd planned it at all. It was way more shrug than wrap around, and the wrap around is important to me. I'd start over again, but I have a bad feeling that I don't have enough yarn to do what I'm aiming for. So I swatched some cable patterns yesterday because I'm thinking cabled hoodie. But I don't like the acrylic I was using yesterday, so I might have to rethink the whole project.

Pickles is wandering around aimlessly with the milk cap ring in her mouth. I think she's trying to cute her way into more wet food.

We saw John Heffron over the weekend. It was SUCH a good show. And he's cute. And it was soooo funny. I can't wait to go see Jim Gaffigan.

Ben and I walked out of the house arguing on Saturday, and the neighbor was in her yard and started talking to us. I mean, geez, they don't exist for extended periods of time, and just when it would be most embarrassing to be there she decides to have a nice conversation. ugh.

Going shoe shopping today. I need to have the right kind of shoes for the dancing class. And my old stand by's for the last ten years, my character shoes, now kill my feet. It's sad I know, but I'm just not getting rid of them. But in the mean time, since I can't wear them, I figure go find the shoes I'll wear for the wedding, and just wear those to the class. I mean, I'm going with a black dress sort of thing for the wedding, I know that even though I don't have the dress, so... Black Strappy Heels. That is the target of today's shopping mission.

John Roberts is very shiny. I'm not sure if he's carbon based.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I just got a feeling of absolute dread. Why? I had a really, really, really long post. And I thought, hey, I should copy this before I hit publish just in case it gets lost. And I high lighted it all. And accidentally hit paste, not copy, and erased the whole thing.

Oh well. It helped me sort some things out and that's what a journal's for, right?

Maybe I'll try again tomorow. I've got a headache right now, so it'll have to wait.

But here's an abbreviated version of one of the stories in the lost post.

On Saturday we went through the closet and packed up boxes of clothes and shoes and things to send to the shelters in Houston. I packed up a box of all my young adult books too. That was kinda hard, because I've had some of those books for a really long time, and they've meant a lot to me, but when I thought of all the kids going through this terrible time and they must be scared and lonely... well, I know that Anne and Jo and Beth and Kristy and Claudia and all the others in those books could help them.

So we had the boxes all packed and ready to ship, and I got an email through the SnB group that a woman was driving a uhaul to Baton Rouge and stopping along the way to deliver things to the shelters. So we took the things over there instead. It was just incredible, and worked out so well. She's very brave, I think, and I pray that she will be safe. There are National Guard driving the truck, and she's following, so I hope she makes it to her son okay.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ben and I have been swimming every day since the pool got clear enough. It wears me out so much, I fall asleep, boom, and don't even move until 6:30 most mornings. It's really awesome exercise. We swim constantly for about half an hour, back and forth, and then we do noodle crunches and such. I've even been considering adding back in my morning exercising too. Oh, fitness! From whence have you come? but seriously, I'm feeling better physically than I have for years. It rocks.

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day, so I'm finally getting the pieces for my dress cut out. There's a reason that I don't sew such large things... complicated? yes, large? no.

There is no where but the floor that's big enough to cut on. Getting all that cut out was a big pain in the butt. I still deciding whether I want to line it. I'm supposed to, but it's pretty heavy-ish cotton, not really something that HAS to be lined. I might go through the pattern instructions and see it there's a structural reason it should be lined.

I finally got the yarn wound into balls, so I'll be able to work on my sweater this afternoon. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The desert is a stupid place to live.

We had a really good time up in Flagstaff and seeing the Grand Canyon. The weather up there is so much nicer, it's just crazy. I could just about cry when I think of having to be back here in the valley of the sunstroke, I want to get outside so badly, but the heat just sucks. But it is nice in the pool in the evenings, so we're lucky to have it clean and working again.

We went to Walnut Canyon and climbed down a cliff to look at ruins of cave dwelling type things. That was a lot of fun, even though it was quite a hike. The Grand Canyon was pretty. I'd been there before, so it wasn't new to me, but I think Ben enjoyed it quite a bit. We went to a historical home in Flagstaff, it was really cool. It was a huge duplex because brothers who married sisters built it. They were big lumber people at the turn of the century. It was very nice and had lots a really pretty arts and crafts style furniture and stuff. I think that was my favorite part of the trip, but I'm a sucker for touring historical homes.

I've been taking apart sweaters this week. I made quite a haul at the Goodwill on Friday before we left while the oil in the car was being changed. I managed to find five sweaters to cannablize all with the right color tag to get fifty percent off. I found two silk blend sweaters, one silk/cotton and the other silk/cashmere and two angora blend sweaters and one 100% wool one. I usually don't bother with the wool ones because they're really common, but this one was light colored so I figured I could dye it, and it wasn't nearly as fine gague as most, the yarn is pretty much heavy worsted weight. I took that one apart yesterday and made a swatch to see how it'll felt. I want to do a felted bag with it. The silk ones are really very finely gauged, but I figured by doubling it and using a pretty lace pattern, I could make a nice stole from the silk/cashmere, which is a pretty charcoal color. Anyway, pretty great yarn for only $2.50 a sweater.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Going to the Grand Canyon

Well... yeah... That's what I'm doing. Yep.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

By Request

For Julie:

And because Stephanie wants gratuitous yarn shots:

This the the sweater yarn after I unravelled it.

And here it is after being dyed with a pack of royal blue and a pack of navy blue rit dye. I'm not really happy with the color, I'm afraid I'll end up looking like a molting muppet.
The crocheting behind the skein is the start of my sweater. I was going for one of those cool front and back the same wrap sweater type things, like this but it's probably going to end up a lot more like a regular cardigan. I don't know yet. I'm at a stopping point at the moment anyway, because I have to wind up my last four skeins into balls and my skein holder isn't home from work yet.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

To Donny Osmond:

No. No, you're not.
You're not even a nano-bit rock and roll.

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A wire necklace and evil eyebrows

We went to a fondue restaurant on Sunday. I can't even describe how good it was. Just know that if anyone ever invites you to fondue, it might be the greatest mistake in your life to tell them no.

Yesterday I dyed some angora blend yarn that I had pulled out of a Goodwill sweater. It took forever to get the rinse water to run clear and the kitchen smelled like wet dog. Well, techinically, I guess it smelled like wet rabbit. But the yarn is now a much darker blue.

I'm thinking of entering this in the Craftster challenge 5.

I'm pretty sure I will, because the entry period ends tomorrow, and I'm not planning a different project that doesn't use yarn before then.

I got my eyebrows waxed on Sunday. She messed up. I don't remember checking evil on the form.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Julie's gonna love this one.

Your Linguistic Profile:

75% General American English

20% Upper Midwestern

5% Yankee

0% Dixie

0% Midwestern

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm feeling happy tonight...

...because people are nice. Tonight I was supposed to start a new session of my tatting class, and when I got my bike I realized that the tires have gone flat. Probably because I haven't ridden it in a couple of months. Ben's was a little better, so I took his, but they were still soft. So I figured I'd have to stop for air, because it was riding really hard. But I didn't have any quarters, and for some reason his chain wasn't on it. So I was thinking that I'd have to park it somewhere that I could keep an eye on it while I went in and waited in line for change.

Well, when I pulled up, there were these two guys using the air hose to fill their bikes, so I got off near them to wait my turn and to go through my backpack and make sure I didn't have some quarters in there. And when they saw I was waiting for the hose, they called me over and filled my tires themselves with their own air time. Those nice guys really deserve something great to happen to them, they even did the filling and checking for me.

It really made my night. I didn't even care much when my student was a no show. It gave me a chance to shop a little.

So, anyone reading my blog, I have a moral this time...
Even when something seems simple and no problem to you, when you're nice to someone, it can really make them feel good, and take away problems you didn't even know they had.

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My cat loves you...

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Take that Bree's Dick Chaney... :D

Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp

What You Call Him: Papi
Why You Love Him: He gives good spankings

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Friday, August 12, 2005

This week...

...I've been working on Donna's Christmas present. I'm through three and a half skiens of yarn with only two and a half to go.
...I've been preparing outlines and lesson plans for my sewing class. I may be a bit too anal for my own good, but man, I love a good outline.
...I've been doing well with my working out, and I've branched out a little from the treadmill, Wednesday was my yoga for dummies tape and today, Broadway Blast Off with Richard Simmons. Do I need less dweeby workout tapes? Yes, yes I do.
...I saw Denis Rodman on some comercial or other on tv the other day and am conviced that he's turning into some sort of ogre monster demon thing.
...I cleaned my sewing room. It was odd, I didn't even know it was messy until I put everything away and then wow, it was a wreck in here before. I hung my tape dummy from the ceiling for now until I make its stand, and everytime I walk in and see it out of the corner of my eye, I think it's a trophy deer head or something.
...I got annoyed with my MIL because she keeps talking about how it's too bad I wouldn't let her give me a wedding shower, but she never just comes out and tells me what about that bugs her. And truthfully, it's not that I wouldn't let her, it's that I wanted one shower because I didn't have time for two what with finals of senior year and all, but she wouldn't give my mom the full guest list from her side. My gosh, do we still have residual wedding planning stress left over? So vote, should I ignore her guilt inducing comments like I have for four years? Or should I just tell her what I said here? I mean, she wants to be friends and stuff, but she does that so much with the little comments and the being kind of pushy about certain things that just when I'm feeling really friendly, I don't even want to deal with it. But I'd like to just be relaxed and friendly too, so shouldn't I let her know that that bothers me? I should call Dr. Phil.
...I got hooked on Dr. Phil. I never meant to. I'm so sorry. I never watched it before, and it turns out he's smart and funny. God help me.
...I talked Ben into taking ball room dancing classes with me. It's going to be fun, it'll count as exercise, and we'll know how to dance at his brother's wedding. I think that having to dance at the wedding decided him, because he's a groomsman, and he'll have to dance with the wedding party and all. I've been asking him if he'd do this everytime the community ed thing has come in the mail, and now that he's said yes, he's not getting out of it. We're signing up tomorrow.
...I looked hopelessy for a dress to wear to the wedding. They're telling me really formal. But I just can't wrap my head around wearing a gown to someone else's wedding. What are my choices? Why does this matter so much? Why do I insist on wearing brown?

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Monday, August 08, 2005

More Christmas!

(or possibly birthday).

Here is a scarf I made for Angie that will either be her Birthday present or her Christmas present. It's made of Kid Seta 70% Mohair/30% Silk. I would usually make a scarf longer than this, (it's about forty-three inches), but that yarn is expensive ($11.95), so I just used one whole skein till it was gone and that was that. The color is off in the picture, it's really a dusty rose sort of color. And for anyone who thinks I'm cheap for only wanting to spend $12 on a Christmas present, bear in mind that my list has 33 people on it, lol.

I've started work on Donna's present, but her's is bigger and so might take me a little while. I'm thinking of entering this scarf in the state fair, but I don't know if it's nice enough. Or if there's a category it would go in.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Oh, I got tagged...

Ten things I hate:

  1. When people write eyes in the o's of the word look.
  2. Being wrong.
  3. Heat and being hot.
  4. Biting into somthing that doesn't taste good in an otherwise good meal.
  5. The fact that I can't keep a plant alive.
  6. Crowds and being crowded.
  7. The way Smudge's fur sticks to my nose and face when I pet him.
  8. Not being able to find a good pillow.
  9. The fact that our "cold" water comes out of the tap at about 90 degrees.
  10. Bossy mean people who always want their own way, but are super mean about it too.

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Home Again

I had a good trip back to Michigan. It seems like we fit a ton of stuff in just a few days. I shopped with my mom, went to a Tiger game, hung out with my nephews, saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Adam and Marissa, visited their new apartment, went to curves, ate at the Bakery, saw the construction all over Pinconning, visited Teeters and saw all the stuff that Wayne and Jolee and Angie have done to make it better, went to the Catholic store, did the Shower thing at Ben's Parents' house, and ate lots of Jimmy John's. Oh, I got my first manicure too. That was fun. There was more too, but that was a summary. Not bad for only fourish days, not counting the travel days.

I bought some really pretty lace weight mohair/silk yarn for Angie's Christmas present. I can't wait to start it. It's going to be a nice lacey scarf.

Does anyone know if there's something I can buy to make an IPod Shuffle play in the cd player of a car? It's an important part of Ben's Christmas present.

I have a good idea for something to make for Wayne's birthday present too, so I'm going to spend some time digitizing for that project today too. I'd tell all about it, but I want to just post the pictures.

There's something crazy with my keyboard today, it's being all delayed, so I'm just going to post more tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

What I've been working on...

These are blocks from 200 Crochet Blocks. I'm going to do a throw for keeping on the couch all in these colors. I'm going to have to add a few more colors in there for some of the other blocks, but I'm not sure what ones to use. This is with Simply Soft yarn, and they don't make a darker brown than the one that's in those, but I thought maybe a gold color? This is just going to be a make a block here and there when I'm between other things type of project. I think I'll do a 48" by 48" one, so I'll need thirtysix blocks all together. It's going to be a sampler throw, so every block is going to be different. So far, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I've been working on clean and laundry and packing for our upcoming trip. Yesterday there was a Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? marathon on SciFi, so I ended up spending most of the day in the living room. But it sure is clean now.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

But I already knew this...

The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!


Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
Notable residents include Cho Chang and Padma Patil (objects of Harry and Ron's affections), and Luna Lovegood (daughter of The Quibbler magazine's editor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Dude, Household Tasks.

So, it turns out household tasks is on the President's Challenge list. I'll be able to automatically count Fridays, because those are vacuum, sweep, mop, and sheet washing days. So that plus the other things like the trash and dusting will usually hit half an hour. I'm going to be good and not cheat and count washing dishes. I mean, that's just standing still, lol.

On Saturday, I went to the mall and got my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. It's so good to have my eyebrows looking all sexy again. My hair I got layered, and it looked all cute and sleek on my way out of the salon, but now that I've washed it and shown my complete lack of skill with a round brush, I just look a little like a sheep dog. Maybe next time I'll just take the straightening iron to it. It was way to hot for such vanity today.

This weekend's canning project was Pineapple Jam. I'm afraid Ben might be taking this hobby too far.

I have nothing to crochet right now. I was going to make something out of Cool Crochet, but I don't have anything at all that's suitable in my stash. And I should be working on the Bamboo sweater, but I can't figure out how to decrease properly in this stitch pattern I'm using, so I hid it so I wouldn't have to look at it and relive my shame for not figuring it out. I should start another throw or scarf or afghan so I can have some nice mindless crochet to work on for a few hours at a time. I should work on something for Christmas, and at least one person on my list is slated for a throw like Julie's. I just have to decide on the color.

I've been eating junk today, and my stomach is punishing me. It's crazy how after just a little while of lots of fruit and other practically healthy food, a day of bad food will really get me. I mean, I used to eat bad stuff just about exclusively. Guess it's time to admit when I'm beat and just have a banana for lunch. hehe

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Friday, July 22, 2005


I made this skirt from a pattern I made by tracing the black skirt I used in the craftster challenge. It's crazy to me that this one came out so snug when the original is actually quite loose. It's not hemmed yet, because I'm not sure if I'll bother because I don't know if I'd actually wear it. What do you all think? I know the hem is all crooked and at a really unflattering length in the front, but of course I'd fix that. My main problem with it is the way it hangs in the front.

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Pretty Nails... la la la

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

President's Challenge

I've joined the President's Challenge, for motivation of course, but mostly because I'm a wanna be scout and you get patches. My group is Team Beth. If anyone is interested in joining us, go ahead and comment.

Turns out that I'm better off not leaving the house in the summer time here. The museum was okay, but the fashion design "collection" was not really there... it was just a small exhibit that at the moment consisted entirely of Pucci designs. Yuck. I should know better than to subject myself to an art museum. History, yes. Science, yes. Art, obviously not my thing.

I got the new Harry Potter on Saturday morning, and when I was about half done with it on Saturday night, I made a rule that I couldn't read it unless I'm on the treadmill walking at the same time. That should make it last. I'm rationing.

I frogged all that I'd done on my Bamboo design and started over. I came up with a better way to do the shaping.

I got the book Cool Crochet from overstock yesterday. It's an absolutely great fasion crochet pattern book. And most of the designs are in sizes large enough to fit me. I can't wait to try one.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

IBC is definately better than Barq's

So, today we're going to the Phoenix Art Museum. I can't believe I've lived here for a year and just now found out that I want to go there. And why do I want to go there? Thorne Miniature Rooms. But not only that. Even better: Fashion Design Collection. I think there may also be paintings or some such, but really, who needs all that.

I've got about two inches done on the bamboo sweater front. And surprisingly, the stitch pattern did pull it in from 30 inches wide to 25 inches wide so, so far so good. That's the hips, so in couple of rows, I'll start the decreasing for the waist and such. I've got to decrease 10 inches all together before increasing 10 again for the bust. I have a plan for that that is pretty much what the whole design is based on.

Yesterday, while I started work on a different sweater (one I'll actually finish this year, since it's made with Homespun), I watched a histories mysteries episode about William Wallace and another about Rob Roy. And there were all these completely dry academic types with the most deliciously beautiful Scottish accents ever. I mean seriously, that accent must be on a special frequency or something. So, here's the question: Would it be wrong to get Ben lessons with a dialect coach for Christmas?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So I ordered some stampers from Oriental Trading Co. as my contribution to the bridal shower my MIL is throwing for my future SIL to use for bingo. Really.

Anyway, since I was already making the order, I got some little craft kits for making Christmas ornaments. I was thinking that Ben and I could work on them while we watched movies, but I don't know if he's interested or not. They came last night, so I made one of each.

I like the pearl ones, but the blue ones are just pipe cleaners and are pretty cheap. And since the point was to put them on everyone's Christmas present as a little extra present, I think the blue ones will stay with me. I like them a lot and would put them on my tree, but I can't see giving them to people.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gauge is a Cruel Mistress

Okay, so I've done about four swatches. And they all have the same gauge. And I've used that gauge to figure out that I need 160 stitches to make a 25 inch wide piece for the bottom edge of my sweater. And I've tried three times. And every time 160 stitches has given me a 30 inch wide piece. This time I'm not quitting till it's about four inches long and I can make sure it's not drawn in by the stitch pattern. Oh Gauge! Why do you mock me?

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Monday, July 11, 2005

How do you stop fading yarn?

I made a few swatches with my new bamboo and experimented with different ways of washing them, and I have to admit, I was pretty dissapointed with the way it faded and shrunk. I'm not sure that the shrinking will be too big a problem, because it does seem to relax back to shape, but the fading it bothering me because I wanted the yarn especially because it's got such a beautiful saturated color. I think that the plan will be to hand wash it. That seemed to cause the least difference in color, though it did result in a little stiffer fabric to lay it out to dry rather than put it in the dryer.

We had a good weekend, watched movies, did a little shopping. We finally replace our broken dvd player, because the portable one that was a gift from Ben's company in April that we've been watching since May when our big one quit working broke yesterday. Cheap crap. Anyway, I'm glad for our new one. It's nice to watch movies on the tv instead of a nine inch screen.

I've been working away at various Christmas gifts and such. I know exactly what I'm going to do for Ben for Christmas this year. I finished Julie's present, and I think I'll start on Marissa's today. Or I'll start on the sweater I want to make with the bamboo. One of those this afternoon.

I finally looked through Cool Crochet. I've been looking in Barnes and Noble for it forever, and we went to a different one than usual and they had it. I wanted to buy it right then, but I was strong and resisted immediate gratification. Then I came home and ordered it on overstock last night. I bought two, so I could give one to Missy for her Christmas present. I think she'll like it. It way better than any other crochet pattern book I've seen. There are a few projects that I'd like to try. I can't wait till it gets here.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

ooooo, aaaaah

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I realize now that it's Animatronic.

Whatever, it was still a weird dream.

That totally makes you want to learn to sew, doesn't it?

They really liked the display at the Craftmart too. I think I'll definately get some students for this class.

I took the sweater to SWTC today. I made out like a bandit. 14 balls of the most beautiful jewel toned navy blue bamboo. And another two of a great green color. If I've done my math correctly, that's $208 of yarn, if you're doing your shopping at Craftmart. Great payment if you ask me. I'm planning a sweater with it. I'm going to design it and hopefully it will turn out awesomer than awesome.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Elton John's Anamatronic Deer

Okay, so last night I had a dream that I was doing a tour of Elton John's house on a tv show. And we were in his bedroom. And they showed me what was in his drawers, and it was all women's clothes. But not sexy lingerie really, it was hanes her way panties and sports bras. And I was like, why all the women's clothes? And the lady was all, he is gay. And I was like, but he's still a man, isn't he?

Anyway, his room was all purple and royal blue and feathers and satin, and on the wall was a deer head. And it was obvious it didn't belong, even though they put big sun glasses and a boa on it. What it was was an anamatronic head that had cameras in it's eyes so Elton John could watch us look around. But it wasn't very good. Like it was very obvious that Elton John hadn't shot a buck and gotten it taxidermied. And he kept accidentally moving it while I was looking at it. And it made a whirring noise when it moved.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


All finished!

I'm so glad to be done with this. I ended up basting the zipper in by hand, then sewing it with the machine. The machine stitching looked neater, and I wanted to be sure that it was strong. I still have to finish the neck piece that goes with it, but that's just gluing a chain to a zipper, so it should be easy enough. It's not my taste, too fuzzy. But I do love the shape and general design.

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intermittent posting

We had a good weekend. Mostly we just watched movies. That's Ben's idea of relaxing. We did make cherry syrup. That took forever, but we ended up with some very delicious stuff. And yesterday we went to the mall because I wanted jeans, but Lane Bryant didn't have any of the kind I wanted in stock. I think I'll just order them from the site. I know they should have them. We went to see Bewitched yesterday too. It wasn't a bad movie, but I've been pretty disappointed in the movies we've seen this year, and this one wasn't great either.

I finished the pajama top. I'm not going to take pictures until I get it all put together on a display board though. I hope the craftmart people aren't all-just get out of here, you took to long. lol

The sweater I put the wrong edging on, and had to rip it out and fix it, but it's right now. All I have to do is put in the zipper. I tried using the machine, but even with my walking foot, it stretched too much and I couldn't control it. I'll have to put it in by hand this afternoon.

I started the Christmas list on Sunday night. I've decided that it's going to be Christmas from here on out, and I'm going to be preparing and making presents. I know a lot of people on the list are getting canned things. It's a little selfish because it's stuff we want to try out anyway, but most people like getting special homemade things like that, so it's good all around.

On friday, I traced a pattern of the skirt I used for the craftster challenge. I'm going to try to make the skirt in a more summer time fabric. I think it'll be cute, but we'll see.

Today's goals:
Get the zipper sewn into the SWTC sweater.
Work on Julie's Christmas present.
Make banana bread. That one probably won't happen, it's just too hot here to turn on the oven.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Where have I been, you ask?

So last week, I pulled one of the muscles that goes under your boob around your rib cage. It hurt so bad, the first night I was convinced I was having a heart attack. Except it was on the right side. I ended up spending a couple of days just sitting still on the couch, healing and reading. Ben's orders.

And yesterday and today, I have been crocheting like a mad woman in order to get my entry done for the craftster challenge. Here's a sample to whet your appetite.

Now go here and see. You can vote for me too, if you want. :D

I'm not so sure I like blogger's new picture set up. I prefer to put the picture in the text, not first of all.

We went and saw Phantom of the Opera at Gammage Auditorium on Saturday. It was pretty good, but I guess I'd seen the movie too recently because it just seemed a little bit predictable. Yes, I know. Feel free to laugh at me.

Anyway, I'm back now, it's totally time to get back into my routine! Tomorrow, I might even have pictures of that stupid pajama set. I just have to do the buttons. And on Friday, I got the SWTC sweater all assembled. All that's left is to sew the zipper in. I think I'll try to use the machine for that. Wish me luck.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday

Well, I had a good weekend. On Saturday, I went to the Goodwill because it was fifty percent off day and got stuff to use to enter this craftster challenge. I'm not sure if my plans will work because I've got other stuff to finish before I buckle down and work on that. I would post a pic of what I bought, but I can't seem to find the camera. Maybe it's in the car.

We made cherry jam on Sunday. It turned out pretty well. I want to figure out a way to do little tarts or pastries or something with the jam. I don't know if you'd put the jam in then bake it or what. I'm pretty sure you'd use puff pastry, not just pie crust.

Yesterday I had a nice day. I did pamper-y grooming things. I performed my hair removal regimen, lotioned, all of that kind of thing. I worked on the pool some too. It turned green in a matter of a week. I think we have a swamp thing.

I finished hemming the pajama top today. All that's left are the buttons and the button holes, but I have to buy buttons first. Turns out that I don't have any that will work like I thought I did. But I'm going to Walmart to get my prescription so I can get them and have it finished!

I realized that the reason I haven't just made myself finish this sample before now is that I'm nervous about teaching the class. I get the feeling that someone will be all "I want my money back! You're just pretending to be a sewing teacher!" I talked about it with Ben, and he told me something interesting. He says that most everyone feels like they're pretending. Like pretending to know what they're doing, or pretending to be smart, or talented or whatever. It kind of made me realize that not using my skills in public for so long has kind of eroded my self esteem without me noticing. I'm working on telling myself more often that I can do what I make up my mind to, and all I have to do is actually take action to accomplish things. It's a better outlook than wanting to hide, lol.

So, since I can't work on the pajama sample till after I've been to Walmart, I'm going to work on sewing together the SWTC sample sweater this afternoon, and do some experimenting with my Goodwill raw materials. And I'll probably read some too. I just started this creepy book called Thief of Souls, that's all scary and creepy, but a good story so even though I won't be able to sleep well for a week or two, I'm interested enough to not want to stop reading it.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

nana nana nana nana nana nana nana: BATMAN

Ben got home yesterday. I slept so well last night it's not even funny. I didn't wake up, not even a little, until he came to kiss me goodbye when he left for the office. I was like a rock. And/or an island. I was really glad to have him home. I like having someone around to feed and such. I'd hate to live alone.

We saw Batman Begins yesterday. It was quite good. But I could be biased considering that Christian Bale has been my boyfriend since he was in Newsies. Yeah, he and I have been snuggle bunnies for a long time. We might get married. He sure grew up hot, but then, he knows I've always liked him no matter what he looked like. Except when he was emaciated and a murderer... well, maybe a little when he was a murderer.

Ben, Adam, and Greg liked it too though, so even people who aren't romantically involved with Christian Bale will enjoy it.

I got one leg of my jeans all flared yesterday... I'm still very iffy about the outcome, but I'll finish them before I decide whether it was a success or not.

I'm going to sew together the swtc test sweater this afternoon, so if I don't run into problems tomorrow should bring pictures. And I've got a few ideas for some new crochet patterns running around in my head that I'm thinking I should at least draw out or write down sometime.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Back to normal

So I had a good day yesterday. I did my normal housework and all in the morning, and then I spent all afternoon reading. A bit extreme, I know, but I used to spend all day in the summer reading when I was living with my parents. (I was going to write "in grade school" but that's not true... I never grew out of it.) It was nice, and I had stocked up on library books just for the occasion. I also watched Nanny 911... It almost makes me want to have kids right now, because I know I would have normal kids who are polite, not crazy monster children who scream and punch me. I checked out that new series, Hell's Kitchen, too. It was really good, I'll have to remember and get Ben to watch it with me. He'd like it, I think.

I may just spend a few hours reading again today. It's a treat, really. But I also want to finally try my idea about my jeans, and I should try to fix Ben's pants. I'm ignoring the pajamas... not good I know... but I just don't want to do those today. I'm compromising. I'm going to work on writing up the paperwork for the class instead. I have to have the handouts just as much as I have to have the sample when I go in, so good compromise to me.

I'm trying to vacuum the pool today. It made a really bad noise when I turned the filter one, like it was running dry. So I'm running more water into it, in case the water was too low. If that doesn't fix it though, I guess it just won't get vacuumed, lol.

Just because I'm in a showing off mood:

This is a little baby outfit I made last summer for on of my cousins when she had her baby.

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So, who wants to be the first to tell me that it's crazy to assume that because your husband doesn't answer his cell, he's slipped and is lying on the bathroom floor of his hotel room bleeding?

Ben called and let me know that he's fine.

I'd delete my panic-y post, but it's a good example of how my mind works. I get the bad idea in my head, and then... it's like whatever the worry is, it's already happened. And I try to tell myself that just because I think it, it's not going to be true. Anyone know how to get rid of anxiety disorder? I'm a lot better than I used to be though. I hardly thought about murders trying to get me while I slept at all last night. lol Really, I was just worried because in a space of ten minutes (during which he was supposed to call) he dissappeared and couldn't be reached. So I don't know... overreaction? Justified?

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If there's some possible way at all to worry about something, I will find it and worry.

I spoke with Ben this morning, for just a minute. All we talked about was an eyelash in his eye and that he was getting ready. He asked if he could call me back in five minutes and never called, so fifteen minutes later, I tried him. I didn't get him on his cell. So I tried fifteen minutes later. Then I waited about an hour and tried again. He's not picking up his cell. So I called the hotel. He didn't answer the phone in his room, but that not surprising because he was supposed to be at breakfast. But he still wasn't answering his cell either. So around nine I called the hotel and asked them to check his room. They called me back and said they'd tried to reach him several times and couldn't. I said did they go in the room. And the guy said that he couldn't tell me that. So I asked if he had the sign on the door, and then guy said he couldn't tell me that either. So I said, if you'd opened the door and he were injured, would you tell me that? And he said yes. But I have no idea if they even checked the room or not. His cell is ringing a bunch of times, not going to voicemail right away like if it were off. I don't know if his boss would go looking for him if he didn't show up or not. I know that to most people this wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm worried sick about it, and I just want to hear from him.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Pregnant

The title is just a public service announcement.

So no one thinks my kitty is the cutest thing on earth? That's okay, I understand that I'm biased.

Ben and I watched Citizen Kane on Friday. It was a pretty good movie. I liked it anyway. I'd never seen it before, and we bought it from a library sale once a long time ago when we still lived in Kalamazoo.

We went bowling on Saturday. It was so much fun. I decreed that we would bowl once a week from now on. So I want to find some bowling shoes... rental is $4 and that seems like it would add up to a pair eventually, so I'm looking for some cheap ones for now. Anyway, I bowled 107 in my best round, which doesn't seem so bad considering that I haven't bowled in at least two years. But I haven't been able to move normally since then. I thought I was getting into better shape... HA.

We've reinstated pizza night too. We used to do pizza night every friday night in Grand Rapids, but we hadn't made pizza here ever till friday night. I always do the same on mine, ground beef browned with garlic. And cheese. And no sauce. Ben changes his every week. But we'd forgotten how much fun it is to do pizza night. We're definately going to keep making it. But they don't have jiffy crust mixes here. At least fry's and albertson's don't have them.

They also don't have Zagnuts here... and I'm having a craving for one. I have been for quite a while too. Maybe I can get some when we're home in July.

I'm feeling a lot better now. Of course I still haven't finished the pajama top... But Ben's finally organized our trip home, and I know that I should have the class start in August, not July, so it's not a huge deal anyway. I have time. I'm going to plan on having Ben's pants hemmed tomorrow and working on the pajama top, at least finishing its hems.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Pickles Plays Fetch

Ever heard of a cat playing fetch? I'm sure some people have, but I've never actually had one that would till now. Our cat pickles likes to play fetch using the rings off milk jugs. I've taken some pictures because I just can't get over how cute it is.

Isn't that just too cute? She walks around like this.

Her favorite place to play is with us on the bed and throwing the ring out the door to the hallway. But since I'm a bad throw, she'll get it where ever it lands. She jumped onto the quilt rack to get one once.

She brings it up onto the bed and drops it by us and then sits there and looks at us.

Here's a really good action shot of her leaping off the bed right after I've thrown the ring. She was a really good sport for this, since I woke her up to play just so I could take these pictures.

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Because I'm so Proud

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There was this tiny little furry spider on my desk. It was by the base of my monitor. It looked exactly like a mini taratula. I was pretty sure it was dead. When next I looked, it was gone. I know, I know... sorry about the squirmy feeling you're all having right now. This happened to me a few days ago, and I have to admit, I still think about where the damn thing might have gone. And then I worry it's in my hair.

Something else that I wanted to write about a few days ago:

"What will I regret more later in the day, exercising or not exercising?"

That's a quote I read a couple of days ago, and it kind struck a chord for me. I've come to realize that it's sort of a universal truth that can be applied to most things. Like vacuuming. And taking vitamins. And completing a report. And crocheting. And finishing or working on just about any goal you have. So maybe I'll have to make a poster. And live by this sentiment.

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I've never been pregnant, and I highly doubt I am right now, but I was saying to Ben this morning that I wouldn't be shocked if I were considering how bone deep tired I've been. It's so strange. I even fell asleep and napped yesterday afternoon, and I never sleep in the day time. But considering how emotional I was the other day, and that I'm supposed to start my period this weekend, I'm sure that it's just hitting me harder than usual. I'm glad every month isn't like this.

So my Mother in Law sent me an email. It said, among other things, if you want to get rid of your slow cooker, Aunt Joni doesn't have one. Um... What? I just don't know. Must be something Ben said to her?

I'm going to move the ears on the panda hat. They're too close and high. And then I'm going to work on the test crochet sweater. Maybe I can finish it this weekend. But that's not until this afternoon. This morning I'll probably finish this albatross of a pajama set. And of course there's all the normal housework, the dishes, the floors, the laundry, the trash and litter... but that's stuff that I do every morning now without noticing really.

I hit five times of exercising this week! I'm up to 33-35 minutes every day too. Now if I could just kick the junk food habit, lol. I'm out of princess stickers now though, I put up the last one this morning. Guess I'll have to look in my cards and stuff and see what other stickers I have. I seem to remember some animal ones.

I'm super excited about the new oven. We're making homemade pizza tonight. And maybe I'll bake a pie. I'm warring with myself over that one. I mean, it's bad for you, but, but... new oven! I don't know, guess it'll depend how long it takes to finish the jammies.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lost Day

Where did today go?
I spent all morning packing up jams for father's day presents and making them shippable. Then we went and mailed them. Then I took a two hour nap. Then I layed on the floor for an hour looking at Ben while he was working in his office. Then I looked at internet things for an hour. It is now just about six.

Now I'm unexplainably and vaguely nauseous. Payback for bothering Ben? Result of not eating dinner yet?

Actually, (except for the nausea) it's been a pretty good day. SWTC sent me the Fur Real to finish my test crochet, and that new series, The Cut, is on. It's like Tommy Hilfiger Apprentice, so that looks good to me because maybe there will be some sewing. And the people are installing our new stove as we speak! Yay!

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Finished Project

I didn't finish the pajamas today because I ran out of the right color thread. Which is sad because I was using the wrong color anyway. But now I've got to finish with what I started with, so no more sewing that until I get more. I do have to hem Ben's pants for him. He wants me to keep the cuff on them... that's a whole different bother.

I did finish the panda hat though! Here it is in all it's panda-y glory:

Just ignore my weird forehead, lol.
I think I might use this pattern as a freebie in the sampler once I get more patterns for sale on my site, to advertise. If they'd let me do that sort of thing that is.

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Stupid PMS - Feminine Problems Post... you've been warned.

So yesterday Julie was having a confrontational day and everything was Stupid something or other. I know that feeling exactly. By the time Ben got home yesterday, and I tried to make crepes for dinner and they wouldn't flip and that made me cry, I realized I had an overload of hormones.

I just can't figure out why they don't have something to help that pms problem... headaches, cramps, backaches... all of that they have medicine for. But I don't get any of that. What I do have is crazy uncontrollable irritability and teariness. And that has no medicine.

At least it's not every single month and it rarely lasts for more than a day or two. But I had such a bad evening (I should definately have known better than to try to have a conversation about planning our trip home in July considering how much Ben's family's attitude pisses me off...), and then didn't sleep so well. I'm not nearly as emotional as I was last night, but when I woke up this morning, I couldn't walk a straight line and felt like I'd pass out. I'm sure this is attributed to not sleeping well and not eating dinner. I'm feeling a lot better now after two glasses of apple juice and some oatmeal. But I'm still going to just sit and sew and not worry too much about any house work today. Hopefully, it'll be a nice relaxing time, and I'll be able to post some pics of the finished pajama sample later.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking of turning my jeans into flares. They look tapered, even though I would never in a million years buy a tapered leg jean. Anyway, they bug me and I think they look stupid, so I figured, what could I hurt by trying to alter them. I'm thing slash into the center front and back and both side seams as high as the knee area and put in godets (triangles of fabric) to make them flare. But, what kind of fabric should I use? That's the big question of the day. The other big question, which might be even more important is: Will it look super stupid?

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What a Concept

So I'm working on a theory. Here it is:
No matter how tried you feel in the morning when it's time to get up, if you don't go back to sleep, you'll feel better than if you do.

Here's my evidence:
Yesterday I was really sleepy when the alarm clock went off and Ben left. So I went back to sleep and slept until seven thirty-almost eight. This is sleeping in for me, I'm usually awake by five thirty or so when Ben gets out of the shower. Not up, but at least awake. Anyway, all day yesterday I was dragging, I had a headache, I was so sleepy I couldn't concentrate, not even on tv, etc, etc.

So today I was still really tired when it was time for me to get up. But I got up anyway, and got on the treadmill right away after Ben left. And now, I've done my exercise, gotten showered and dressed, and gotten a lot of the housecleaning that I do every day all finished. And I'm not tired. I'm actually feeling really good and can't wait to get started on my projects.

The projects:
The shirt for the pajama set. Finally. I got it all cut out yesterday, I made myself. So I can just start sewing on it today and get it going. I'm always a lot later than I say I'll be with this stuff. Probably because samples for my classes don't interest me. I'm not really sure how much teaching the classes interests me. I think I enjoy it, but I'll have to do it more to make sure.

Sew the ears on the panda hat! It's been sitting in it's various pieces for about a day and a half. All I have to do is sew the ears on and take pictures. Not rocket science.

The other project I want to get going on is for Christmas. I realized I've only got half a year left, and I'm going to be behind in the making things dept if I don't get going. Other than that all I can say is this. I don't know who reads my blog, so I'm being stealthy.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Stove! Almost...

We went to sears yesterday and ordered a new stove. I'm really excited about it. It has a flat top. It'll be so pretty. But it'll be a week before I get it too. Oh well, I'm planning a lot of baking for then. Lasagna and pie and pizza... you know, oven food.

We went to a farmers' market this morning. It was okay, but not the most thrilling thing. Then we went to Ikea. Wait, that sentence should look like this:

Then: we went to... IKEA.

Ikea scares me. It's huge and it was like some kind of temple or something out in the middle of a huge empty lot with a parking lot a mile long on TWO sides of it. And it was just filled to the brim with wandering people buying things without thinking them through well. You could just tell. But, I'll probably still go back someday. Probably not soon, but someday. They did have nice things that were affordable.

I made a stupid move at Ikea though. There was a painting. The kind that Ben likes a lot with bare trees and a misty path. It was in the "as is" section. I checked the price. $15. Holy crap. Yeah, we can get it. Well, I'll just come out and say it. I looked at the price upside down, it was $51. Ben paid for it anyway (I was in the bathroom while he was checking out.) because he wanted it. Well, I guess if he likes it that much, but I totally don't $51 dollars worth of like it. I was kicking myself. Talk about not thinking things through. That store is a monster.

And on a(n?) hilarious note, Pam did this cool thing in her blog where she put text in Babelfish, translated it to German, then to French, then back to English. What comes out is really funny. Song lyrics are great. Here, guess:

The night sharpens, increases every feeling, churns noircissement and an alarm clock an imagination. The directions fix calmement their defense. Slowly easy unfurls nuoce its spledor. If the seized ones, interrogation they, tremulous and tenderly turns far away your ace of the sharp light of the day turns far away your thoughts unfeeling of the cold light.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005


I got the fabric yesterday for my sample. I'm doing a pattern for pajamas that comes in all sizes, from kids to mens. These are the fabrics I picked.

The stripes are for the bottoms and the solid pink is going to be the top. I think I'll be able to get the pants all finished today.

This afternoon I'm going to be working on a pattern for a hat that I've been commisioned to make. (that sounds official, huh? even though I can't spell it.) It's black with little black and white ears on it. Like a panda. I got the yarn yesterday, so I'm set for an afternoon of the extras from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and crocheting.

So those are the exciting things in my life today. That and figuring out what we're going to have for dinner. Suggestions? Remember, the oven's broken. Makes it harder doesn't it?

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Girly mall day!

Well, I was out of black yarn, so I didn't get the hat started yesterday. I was going to got to Craftmart and get it, but my bike seat is all wiggley, and I couldn't get it tight enough, so I gave up and started back in on the tank top again. I forgot to have Ben fix it last night, so that means I'll have to ride his bike today, so I'll have to stop and put air in the tires before I go far. I also have to go to Craftmart and get yarn and fabric before I go to the mall, I just don't have a choice about that one. But after that, I'm going to the mall! And I'm going to sit in Barnes and Noble and read books I don't intend to buy, and probably see the sisterhood of the traveling pants, and have something yummy for lunch. I'm planning on having a very good day. I'll be sure to post how that turns out.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Slow day

I'm having a slow day. Which I hope doesn't portend a slow week. Because I had a slow week last week, and I've got lots of stuff that has to get done. I did exercise this morning and cleaned up the living room and the kitchen, so that's good. I'm setting myself the goal of vaccuming today and that'll take care of the housework that I wanted to accomplish today.

Other things I have to do this week. Make a set of pajamas for a sample to advertise my sewing class. But first I have to get the fabric. The rule is that the samples have to made from craftmart fabric, so I have to ride to Craftmart and get it before I can even start. At least I have the pattern.

I am not going to do that today though. Today I'm going to sit and crochet. I have an order for a hat that's panda-esque. We'll see what I can do. I'm choosing to crochet instead of go to Craftmart and get fabric and then come home and sew because I'm feeling dead today. I'm not sure what I did this weekend that was so exhausting, but I'm sore and stiff and didn't even hear Ben leave this morning I was so dead sleeping. But I've been resting well anyway.

What we did over the weekend really was just go shopping a few times. I got new shoes yesterday. And we did go to Ben's boss's (boss'? the house of ben's boss?) house for a cook out. It was a lot of fun. But I'm so bad socially it's not even funny. I always manage to say stupid things or come across all conceited and stuff. I only can hope that when people meet me there's enough niceness that shows through that they can tell that I'm really a nice person who occasionally says stupid things, not a mean know it all. Maybe that's why I'm tired. The stress of interacting with others. I'm not used to social interaction with other human beings. I really need to make a friend or too, lol.

Also this week I have to go to the eye dr and have him take a picture of the freckle on the back of my eye to make sure that it hasn't gotten bigger or whatever. I think I'll ride my bike to the mall in the morning and make a day of it, maybe get my eyebrows waxed and eat lunch in the food court and definately sit in barnes and noble and read books I'm not going to buy, and maybe see a movie. Then I'll just have Ben come meet me for dinner when he's done work, and I won't have to ride home again.

I sort of feel like I deserve a day like that. It was actually a kind of stressful weekend beyond the unusual human interaction. Ben's been stressed out lately, and he really overreacts to things, but like anyone, he really doesn't handle being told he's overreacting well. So we ended up having a few arguments, mostly because I was expecting him to do things, but I hadn't told him, so he didn't do them. Stupid couple things to fight about. But it's really only our tempers that are a problem. Afterward, we always end up telling each other how whatever the stupid thing was it's our fault. So we've made up, but I still am just tired from it.

Goals for the week:
Hit working out five times this week. I checked the calendar and for one reason or another, it's been about three weeks since I've done five. Only four the past three weeks.

Only eat out once this week. (not counting lunch at the mall... i've got to eat something if i'm going to be there all day) I've been really bad about making dinner and not eating out since the oven broke, but it's such a waste of money, and so not good for me, that I'm making it a goal to only eat out once a week from now on. And usually that will count lunches and breakfast too, even on the weekend.

Get those pajamas made.

Make the panda hat.

Restart my tank pattern with cotton ease I'm trying to make. I had a whole ball crocheted when I realized my gauge was smaller than I needed and I had to pull the whole thing out. But it's not a bad thing because now I'll add some waist shaping. I'm planning an experiment with short rows for the bust shaping. Now I just have to decide if the stitch I picked is what I want for sure.

Well, since I'm giving myself so much to do, I'd better go get it done and leave the computer alone for now.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Okay, I just remembered today that I have been in a cab. I've never hailed one or paid the driver, but I've been in them with other people. So here's another one:

I've never driven a truck. Or van.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


So I may have to redo my list a little. Adam tells me that the time we spun around a bunch of times on the ice coming home from church on Pinconning rode counts as an accident. I don't think it does because I completely kept us out of the ditches and we even ended up facing the right direction. Also, the more I think about it, I have been under cars, but that was when I was little and chasing cats, never to fix one. But here are two more to make up for those.

  • I've never done drugs. Closest I've come would be a little alchohol and one or two cigarettes.
  • I've never slept in a house all by myself without a light on. Even when I spent the summer in the dorms by myself, I'd leave the bathroom light on all night.

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So, Pam tagged me to make a list of ten things I've never done. She gave me the first one, I've never met her, and even though that's a perfectly good one and it's true, I just like making lists too much to have only nine tenths the fun. So we'll just call that the preface to my list.

Ten things I've Never Done
A List by BeppyCat
  1. I've never seen ET. (And I don't just so I can say that and hear the shock.)
  2. I've never gotten into a car accident.
  3. I've never actually read all of Hamlet in order, though I've been assigned it about five times.
  4. I've never gotten fired.
  5. I've never touched a snake.
  6. I've never been to Mexico. Or to any other country but Canada.
  7. I've never been in a cab. Only those shuttle things that take you from hotels to airports.
  8. I've never eaten a lot of things... a complete list would be difficult, here's a sample: escargot, salmon, artichoke, caviar, hot peppers, okra, grits, holandaise sauce, kiwi, etc.
  9. I've never been hospitalized.
  10. I've never gotten under a car.

Okay, that was harder than I thought it would be. And since I guess I have to tag someone, and I only know a couple people read this, I'll tag Julie and Bree.

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So while I was sitting on the couch tying my shoes so I could work out at six this morning, I thought, "wow, I really am changing my habits." I don't work out every day, but I do most days and that's really something for me. But the major accomplishment is that I've been doing it for months now, building up to longer times as I go and all. I just don't stick with things all that well, and this I've really integrated.

Lost last night was pretty good. Adam's mad because he just wants to know what the big secrets are, and they didn't tell us. I keep telling him that would just end the show. It was so sad when they took Walt. I new they were bad guys, but they did that really well, with them all being happy to be found and then it turning so fast. It was effective.

I wanted to go to Coffee Rush today for the snb meeting, but the oven repair people are coming to repair the oven (duh), sometime right during the meeting time. Probably this afternoon I'll go to Craftmart and get fabric for my class samples, yeah, I've got to do those sometime. I'd like to go to the store and get some turkey too. I got some roasted turkey from the deli last night, but it tastes like anise. I know, but Ben tasted it and agrees. So I want some smoked turkey instead. In the meantime, I'm going to work on that tank top that I've been crocheting. I picked a time consuming stitch, I only have about 3 inches, but it looks really cool. And the straight crocheting will give me time to plan the shaping.

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