Tuesday, February 22, 2005

grr @ blogger

I just wrote a huge post all about a bunch of stuff, but blogger ate it. Here it is in outline form.

I. Sleeping In
A. I wish Ben would sleep longer.
1. The alarm going off at four thirty sucks
2. Snooze hitting till five fifteen is morally wrong
3. He's loud and makes lots of noise and light.
B. I try to sleep after he's gone.
1. The cats are too loud.
2. I'm too much of a worrier.
C. I got up anyway today.
1. I don't work till eleven.
2. If I'm not going to sleep in, at least I'll have time to work on Adam's duffle bag.

II. Tatting Class
A. My class starts today for sure.
B. I'm more excited than nervous today.
1. Teaching three students will be good practice for my sewing classes which will be bigger
a. I'm a chatterer, so it'll be good to get an idea of how quickly two hours goes while teaching something
2. It'll be fun to meet my students and see how much I can teach them the first day

III. I'm going to plan for my sewing classes a little while I'm at work today.
A. I work alone this afternoon.
1. Things go quickly if Mike is around to talk to, and there are customers.
2. The afternoon drags on forever if there's no one to talk to and not many customers
3. Either way, I'm going to plan some things
a. What classes I can teach for sewing
b. What skills I can use for each project and what order to teach them
c. What projects work best for each level
4. This is okay because I never take my break on Tuesday, so I deserve it.

IV. Also, there was something about sewing and needle work being my passion and how I have to claim it even if that means leaving a more secure job to be a teacher with no garuntee of having students or getting the rate I'd like.

Take that, you post eating blogger thing.

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