Monday, February 14, 2005


I'm feeling so full of life and have all sorts of plans now that I've decided to quit my job.
I'm starting a line of crochet patterns for sale in pdf format on my site. I've got a few patterns in mind to start out with. I'm thinking that considering the popularity of my flapper hat on craftster, I might do fairly well, selling the patterns for about 3-8 dollars each. It'll depend on what the final products are.
My tatting class is underway starting tomorrow. I have three students, yay! I hope it all goes well.
I am going to start teaching sewing classes here in my home. I have so many blessings, one of them being a great sewing studio room with a serger and an embroidery machine and digitizing software, I want to put them to use. I would love to teach people to sew, I think clothing sewing is so awesome and allows so much self expression, I want to share that with others. I think I can put up signs at joann's and craftmart and michael's, though I'll have to check with them all of course.
I'm so thrilled to be home again, I love being home and having things clean and having my routines and schedule for each day.
And no more huge terrifying pieces of glass!

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Creative Genius? said...

Ok - what are you charging for your sewing classes.... I think I'm interested!!

Bethany said...

Well, I'm not sure yet, because the Craftmart might want to have a beginner's sewing class there with me as the teacher, so that would be one thing. But if that doesn't work out, I'd definately be teaching one on one classes in my own sewing room. Actually, I might do both, depending on the interest. Probably the Craftmart deal would be a four week class for 50 or 60 dollars, if they think they'd want a normal sewing/not quilting class. One on one classes would probably be 15 dollars a week. Those aren't definate, but that's what I'm leaning toward.

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