Thursday, February 17, 2005

Happy Quitting Day to Me!

I had such a good quitting day yesterday. Bill totally understood. I think he's secretly pretty happy about it, because now he can see if he can get someone who will work nights without fighting him on it. And I talked to the store manager too, just to make sure she heard it from me and that she understood that I'd liked working there and appreciated the job. She was very nice and supportive of me teaching there. And I spoke with the head of the classroom about sewing classes, and she said that they might want a beginner's sewing class there. I hadn't expected that at all, because they don't sell fashion fabrics, but there's interest from customers in a sewing class and learning to follow patterns and such. I have to speak with the dept head of fabric and see what she thinks, but it sounds very much like I could be teaching my sewing classes there as well as offering one on one lessons at home. The classroom at CraftMart can hold way more people than my sewing room can. Obviously, lol. That's cool, because in a two or three hour class of ten students, I'd make ten times as much as a one student class at home. hmm... maybe I need to rethink the pricing structure?

Today: A crochet bucket hat

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