Thursday, February 24, 2005

so many ideas!

I have crafty ADD. I can't concentrate on one project because I always want to be going on to the next one. I've got so many projects and ideas going on, it's driving me crazy. Here they are in order of finishing deadlines.

  • adam's duffle bag
  • samples to advertise my sewing classes: pillowcases, tote bags, vest, blouse (not all right away, just the pillowcases and a tote bag before I leave for MI next month)
  • new samples for my tatting class board
  • pillowcases for wayne and jolee, sewn, embroidered, maybe with tatted or crocheted lace... I was iffy about this because it seems like a cheap wedding present, but they won't register and say they don't need anything, so pillowcase sets it is
  • some clothes for me, I really want new shirts
  • crochet patterns to sell on my site
  • the little angora hair wrap that I started and haven't finished yet
  • and on and on, lol

Things that are bothering me right now:

  • I can't figure out how to post pictures right in my blog. The crazy thing won't work even though I'm doing what it says.
  • My bucket hat looks like this: and I don't know if anyone would buy a pattern for that hat.

Things I'm happy about right now:

  • The living room is clean and all the bill statements from the last six months are organized and filed.
  • I get to sew today, and don't have to go to work.
  • It's beautiful outside!
  • I've got the cutest idea for his/hers pillowcases for wayne and jolee, and I'm excited because I think they'll love them.

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