Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I just spent all afternoon putting together pillowcases to embroider on for wedding presents. Just two, but yes, it took that long. I'm being ambitious and doing the embroidery on a lined panel that is finished on both sides with a rolled hem, and then the panel will be sew to a length of tatting insertion after it's embroidered, and then the lace will be sewn to the rolled hem on the bigger part of the pillow cases. Well, I sewed together the bigger pieces, seamed the lining and the panels together, did the rolled hems on the tops of the panel where I'll have to hold the lining and panel together to whipstitch it to the lace, and got all ready to transfer my design. I'm not sure that it'll work, but I've got high hopes. The transfering is where my discouagment happens though. I've already spent a few hours making the design on the computer, then tracing the printout with my iron on pencil, and now, as I'm trying sooo hard to iron it on without it moving, it won't transfer! I had the iron there at high heat so long I was afraid that I'd burn the fabric. I guess I'll have to go over the design with the pencil a few times and get lots of iron on stuff on the paper. I could try the marker, but it's black and transfers in a really dark bold line that's super hard to cover with embroidery. Anyway, I'll just try the pencil and hope it works because I had just enough fabric to begin with.

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