Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Last Day!

Today was my last day at work. So yay. I think that Bill's happier to be rid of me than I am to leave. He's such an old grump. He's turning new guy into a mini bill. I think he totally needs to cheer up. Or at least stop being proud of being in a bad mood. Example: I was happy because I'll get to spend my birthday with my family this year. Bill's reaction: "I left home and didn't go back for 48 years." I mean, that's sad. Like, just because he was dysfunctional doesn't mean I should feel stupid to be excited to see my family.
He's like that all the time. So here's the big question. Why do I care how he feels about me? See, I get these thoughts about how Bill doesn't like me / is glad I'm gone, and then that makes me feel like I'm crappy. Well, I know I'm not crappy, and I understand why it would make me feel a little bad to think he doesn't like me though, because, everyone wants to be liked. So I guess it's just an imagined feeling of rejection.
I will choose not to feel down on myself.
I will choose to remind myself that just because someone who has a bad attitude may be happy not to work with me, I love being me, and, really, I'm the person who counts the most when it comes to spending time with me.

I'm flying home tomorrow, it's super exciting to be getting away from work and have a vacation. I'm not going to think about anything or do any crafting except stuff that I really want to do because I enjoy it. Well, except the wedding cake, but that'll be fun because it'll be special to Wayne and Jolee. Ah, vacation here I come! I will miss the cats though, but I'm sure they'll be fine. I'll just call the cat-sitter and bug her about how they're doing.

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