Thursday, March 03, 2005

so good to have a day off!

We've been behind on the orders at work recently, so I've been working extra hours to see if I could help us get caught up. And there have been so many people calling and being all mad because they're stuff isn't done. It's so nice not to be going in and dealing with that. It did cross my mind that I could go in Friday and do an extra day, and then I suddenly wondered when I started caring. But it's strange, I do care. But, I also deserve my days off, and I've got way too many projects going at the moment to be wasting a day off at work.

I got some books on tape at the library yesterday, that's always a good way to get myself to sew. I don't know when I got so hooked on a constant stream of entertainment, but I can no longer just crochet or sew or embroider. I now have to have something good to watch on tv while I crochet and embroider and tat. And since I don't have a tv in my sewing room, I never find myself sewing in the afternoons, I'm always working on the less urgent tatting/crochet projects instead because then I can watch tv. So, I figured, why fight my nature? I'll have auditory stimulation while sewing this way, and I'll get some things done.

Ben and I went to the Japanese festival this past weekend, it was sooo fun. I got some fabric with that cute little lucky kitty on it and some books at the doll and toy museum that was there where the festival was held. And some silk kimono remnants. So pretty. It really was such a good day. We shared a giant half and half snow cone. Grape and sour apple.

On the crochet front, there hasn't been any hooking since I finished my hat, but I did to a lot of tatting. And here are links, because I can't figure out how to just make the pictures show up in my blog.

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