Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some thoughts on blogging and vomiting

Warning: Somewhat Graphic talk of Puke follows

I am feeling so sick today. I'm not sure what's wrong because I thought the side effects from the gloucophage had finally worn off. But I was up last night puking and feeling all room spin-y. The really bad kind of puke too, not the kind where all you feel is relief, but the kind where you just want to die to make the puking go away. I think I'm going to call in for work. Bill will be really mad because that will mean that he has to help the customers, but at least I'm not leaving them with no one there. And my last day is Tue. Not like they're going to fire me. It's better than throwing up at work, that's for sure.

Puke talk finished.
So I've been thinking about my blog. I was thinking about how it's way more fun to blog when people read it and then comment and then you comment on their blog and etc. But how the more people you have reading your blog, the more you feel that you should edit yourself. Like, you wouldn't say mean snipe-y things about someone's blog if you knew they'd read it. Or you wouldn't complain about your friends being annoying if they were going to comment. You might not talk about your political or religous beliefs if the other people you play with in blogger land don't agree with you.
So that got me thinking about real life. And how you do that every single day in person. I don't tell my boss that he has got to totally chill out and quit being so much of a stressball. Even if I think he should hear it, I don't tell him because I know that people don't take that kind of thing well. I don't tell people about my worries or ask questions that reveal my concern for details, like exactly how and when and where, because I know that makes me seem insecure. Or I feel like it does, which proves I'm insecure about new things.
The point? Not sure... that's what blogs are for in my mind... a sort of sounding board, a trophy room, a chronicle, a planning session, a portfolio... all rolled into one.

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