Thursday, April 21, 2005

Adventures to the Mall

So, I had a good day yesterday. I taught a make up session of my tatting class during the time reserved for my sewing class, because no one is signed up for the sewing class yet. Things to do include adding more sewing classes that are slightly more advanced for people who want to learn to use patterns, etc. After that I returned a video, and rode over to the Target and bought way more things than I should have, including multicolored card stock, fancy pens that I'm going to return, 6 dollars for four pens is just too much and I was influenced by the cool scrapbooking aisle and words on the packaging like: archival, The Special Edition DVD of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. Yes, I know, but I don't judge you. A romance novel set at a Renn Faire, and the Spaceballs DVD for Ben. Like I said, more than I should have. But it was a lot of fun. And I took myself out for lunch. It was the farthest I've ridden my bike (about four-five miles) in a day for months because for so long I was just going to Craftmart and back, which is two miles. (all together). Before I started working, I'd ride that far most days of the week. It was really nice and I liked getting out and doing so many errands.

I think, since I rode my bike farther(further?) than usual yesterday, I would like to ride to the mall today. I'm pretty sure I can make it with no problems and it would be good exercise to go there and back. I could skip walking on the treadmill. And I could see if I can actually get to the mall on my bike, which I've been wondering since we moved here.

I do know that this afternoon Ben and I are going to SWTC to get the yarn I ran out of so I can finish this test sweater for them. I don't know what kind of yarn I should pick for my free payment yarn. I wanted to do to the yarn section when I was at Craftmart yesterday and check, but I forgot to after my class. They carry all the SWTC yarns. Maybe I can drop in there today and decide. I'm thinking soy silk, and make a summer top.

And because I know how to post pictures now:

I took out this picture of me because I looked like a prisoner or something.

I made this top a couple of weeks ago. I made the pattern by tracing a tank top I already had from Lane Bryant, that, like all clothing I buy from Lane Bryant (so all my clothing) shrank in the length and showed my belly because I'm abnormally tall from the waist up. So I made it longer too. I like the way it turned out, so I think I'll make more too, though the next one will probably get rick rack, not lace.

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