Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Going to Vancouver

Well, we're leaving for Vancouver for a couple of days today. I hope we'll have a fun time, but I don't think that Ben's boss (the person who planned this trip) is the greatest thinker there is. I mean, really, who wants to leave Arizona for Vancouver in April. Um... sunny and 85 or rainy and 45? super hard choice.
Anyway, things I'm taking with me to craft on:
The SWTC sweater, but just the yarn and the pattern. If I finish the sleeves, I will save them to sew together at home and then work on...
The white tatted edging I'm working on that I want to make really long that's a secret. But I'm just taking one ball of thread, and it's almost gone. If I run out, I will move on to...
The gold colored edging for the pillowcases for wayne and jolee's wedding present because i suck at finishing things in time for stuff.
That should be enough, it's only a little while.
I'll be sure to post all about the crazy cold time I'm sure to have.

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