Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I comment on Your blog, Julie. :)

So, I unravelled a sweater yesterday and came out with almost a pound of light worsted weight cream colored lambswool and angora yarn. I'm going to sell it on eBay, but I'm not sure how much I should start the auction at. Probably I'll add up all my costs for listing and the sweater and hope I get at least one bid.

This morning I rode to walmart and got rit dye, rick rack, fabric as a gift for a friend, more size ten crochet cotton in white, and two shirts. I didn't try the shirts on, and I don't know whether I'm hoping they'll fit so I can keep them because I need summer shirts, or whether they won't fit so I can return them because I don't want to spend money on clothes. I guess I win either way.

When I got home I vaccumed the pool. I only have a week or so to get it swimable before Julie's visit.

I'm very proud of myself today. Because even though I rode to walmart, and I'm going to be riding my bike in to teach this afternoon, I still did my walking on the treadmill and I'm up to 25 minutes now. I'm working on being at at least half an hour before May 12 so I can tell the dr, yeah, I exercise for 30 minutes a day. And I've been remembering to stretch afterward too!

I'm thinking I might do a little yarn dyeing experimenting this afternoon. I have to go teach my tatting class at four thirty, but I should have a little time to dye before then.

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Julie said...

Alright, already, I'll comment! :)

I think you should probably start the auction at about 50 cents (Has anyone else notice that there's not a "cent" key on the computer keyboard anymore? What's this world coming to?). I'd bid on it.

Bethany said...

Thanks. :)
Don't you think you're selling my yarn a little short? I do.
And if you want recycled yarn, I'll let you unravel a sweater yourself while you're here. :P

Julie said...

Where do you GET these sweaters to unraval??

I'll up my bid to 75 cents. :)

Bethany said...

Goodwill. You seriously cannot buy yarn that's as nice as they're made of for less than an arm and leg in it's original yarn state. Definately worth the two fifty I paid for the sweater. I'm really looking forward to using my silk yarn after I dye it.

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