Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm Back. And very happy to be home.

Well, Vancouver was fun. It was chilly, but not too cold and the sun was shining for part of the time so that was very nice. I went to their library, which was huge, but not really all that fun because it was arranged in a very nonstandard way. But I suppose that makes sense in a library that's primarily for research and is six stories high. I had a nice time, and all the people that Ben works with seem very nice. I do have a hard time dealing with groups though. So much time gets wasted standing around not actually doing what's supposed to be done. And that's just site seeing! Imagine how I'd be if it were actual work! We went to Victoria for the day in a little prop plane of death. That was a lot of fun. We went to see these gardens that were just beautiful. I'll have to put up some pictures as soon as I get them off the camera. We also went to the great needlework store where I got some books, one on tatting, one on crewel, and one on miniature embroidery. The miniature thing is weird. I love looking at books about doll houses and learning about them, but I've never had one and I haven't ever tried making anything that's miniature. I definately plan to one day though. We also went to this great yarn store, and I bought some really pretty ribbon yarn there (in the #2170 colorway). It was a nice, fun trip.

One of my strawberry plants dried up while we were gone and looks like it's trying to die. I thought it would be fine, it was only three days, but nooo, strawberry down. Anyway, I moved the container out of the afternoon sun and am keeping it moist. Hopefully, I don't kill it all the way. The tomato is doing so awesome though. I'm so proud of it, I almost took pictures of my little tomato nubbins. My lavendar is completely gone, I just can't figure out what it wanted, but I couldn't make it come back. I even ignored it, which is what a lot of the advice about lavendar says to do, and it just wouldn't live. The chamomille has snapped back nicely from it's little dried out tantrum, and the mints and lemon balm and catnip are all flourishing. The peppers are definately in bad shape... they've been trouble since we planted them, but now I know what the problem was. Their pot is not draining well at all. Right now they're waterlogged, and I'm just hoping that they'll dry out before they die, but it doesn't look good. I guess if they die, I'll just empty the pot and make some more holes in it so the next thing that we plant in it doesn't have the same problem.

If there's anyone who reads my blog who might be able to tell me how to get my pictures to show up in my posts, I'd appreciate the advice. I'm doing what blogger says to do, but I just doesn't work. All I get is the red x thing and my link in text. What am I doing wrong?

Today will be devoted to watching all my taped episodes of Starting Over while I crochet my little heart out on the SWTC sweater I'm testing. I've definately got to work on that some more. It's not hard at all, I just haven't been putting any time into it. Hopefully, I'll have pictures tomorrow or wed to show off.

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Brienne said...

Hey!!!!!!!! It made me sign up to post a comment to you. Nasty thing. I thought about moving mine from livejournal over to here, but I'm just too lazy. Anyway, I miss you lots!! Love you, #1!!!! *hugs*


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