Friday, April 22, 2005

New Glasses!

So, I did go to the mall yesterday, but I didn't ride my bike there. Ben and I went there to get our eyes checked and get our new glasses. Mine will come in two weeks, and I will no longer have to wear glasses that make me look like a special girl. I will be wearing glasses that make me look hip. Ben got his yesterday after only an hour. And he got two pair, normal ones and sunglasses. Poopy head.

Holy crap! There's some sort of beetle thing that's like an inch and a half around banging it's self against the window trying to get in at me. It's got a black shiny shell, it's flying, and it's creeping me out. I think it wants to eat me.

I've been organizing and trying to put away all my yarn today because the weight machine is coming. These are connected because the weight machine is supposed to go in the room that has yarn all over the floor right now. I have a yarn problem. I also have way way too many balls of yarn that are just by themselves. As in, one ball of a kind and color that won't do anything on it's own because there's not enough to make anything with it. I know that some of this is because I buy it to swatch or whatever. But seriously, this is out of hand. I'll have to make a scrap afghan or something, but it's all differnt weights and stuff. Maybe I'll just give it all away and start over. No I won't, who am I kidding?

I went yesterday to get the yarn from SWTC to finish the test crochet, but it's not the same color, and I don't think that what I had to begin with is the same color as any of the one's that they sell. But I contacted Jonelle, and she's going to get back to me about what to do. So I went back to working on the Homespun throw for now.

Today I'm going to Craftmart to see if they have rick rack and then to target to pick up some pictures I ordered online. Which is the neatest thing ever. Ordering prints of digital pictures online and picking them up at the store. Then when I get home I'll either sew Adam's bag, so he doesn't disown me or work on crocheting that throw. That's what I'm planning and what I'm supposed to do. What I want to do is just sit and read all afternoon. I won't but it's in the back of my mind, that's for sure. But I didn't treadmill today, so running errands is going to be a good way to get my exercise too... I'm just going to have to take the long way around to make it last long enough.

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Pam said...

I just picked up my new glasses! Of course, I'm not sure if I'll look special in them or not, because I have my contacts in and that plus the glasses equals one big blurry mess. I assume I still have a face, but I couldn't really id any of the components.

Those beetle things freak me out too. The dog, however, loves them. Thank god they're not that easy for her to catch or I'd be very grossed out.

Julie said...

Speaking of "beetles", do you remember how Randy always used to draw a little beetle by his name for effect??

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