Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tatting Time!

So, I finished the second front and about three quarters of a sleeve on the SWTC sweater yesterday. Good progress, I think. I ran out of Fur Real though, so I'm going to have to get some more before I can finish. I then swatched some different yarns to see if I have anything in my stash to use to make a vest out of my crocheted vests book. None that I checked worked, so I might just try to figure out my own pattern for a nice cami/vest/tank made with my lion brand cotton ease. As for the wool ease sport weight, that may not have been the best purchase. After wasting time looking for a new project that I shouldn't be starting anyway, I went back to work tatting an edging.
Today I dug out the pieces of Adam's duffle bag to get back to work on them. I've been recieving threatening phone calls, so I figure I better finish it. When your brother calls you Miss Beppycat, you know it's a strictly business phone call.
My tatting class is this afternoon. I'm sure it will go well, today we're reviewing rings and learning picots and joining. An easy class, but I don't want to go to fast. And I'll see if anyone signed up for my sewing class between Sunday and today. It's supposed to start tomorrow, but without any students signed up, I guess I've got a day off.
I wish my perm didn't make me look like weird al unless I use my curling iron every day. It does make my hair take curl with the curling iron way better though, I will say that for it.

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