Friday, April 01, 2005

What I actually accomplished

Well, I managed to: do laundry, reorganize the closet, wash half the dishes, unpack the suitcases that had clothing, leaving the one with yarn and puzzles and movies and other stuff that wouldn't fit into the normal suitcases, get completely distracted sorting through my yarn looking for my set of big hooks, and sit on the couch and crochet three skeins of homespun into a throw, with at least three more to go. That was yesterday.

Today I picked up my last pay check, went to the bank, ate lunch with Ben, went to the Dr, and picked up the yarn for the test crocheting for SWTC. The Dr said take mucus thinner, use flonase, come back if I have a fever or anything turns green. The stuff from SWTC is so cool. I'm just loving their zippers. The pattern is a really cute little zipped cropped cardigan. Bendy (Carter, I think, I don't have it in front of me). Anyway, she's in lots of the crochet groups I'm in, and she's so nice and helpful and I love her designs, so I really can't wait to start on this. First I have to get the big hank of Fur Real wound into a ball. I can't use it right out of the loop like it is. Maybe I'll have to get a swift. Ben might buy me one after I make him hold the thing for me while I wind, hehe.

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