Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why do the cats think they have to be on me to sleep?

We had such a good weekend! I planted lots of stuff in pots all over the patio, and I'm optimistic about keeping them alive. We made strawberry jam and canned it, and it turned out so yummy. And only one of the batches had a little burned sugar in it. It was a nice day, hanging out with Ben and doing all that stuff on Sunday. We're even considering redoing the kitchen, painting the cabinets and stuff.

I've been working on the sweater for SWTC. I'm such a tight crocheter, I had to go up three sizes on my hook to hit the gauge, but after I got that figured out, things went smoothly. I'm hoping to have the back and at least one front side done today. As I sit and crochet it, I'm constantly thinking about what I'll make with the yarn they're going to give me for testing it. I love planning projects so much! As much as, if not more than, I like actually making things, lol.

I had the first session of my second set of tatting classes yesterday. It went really well. Both students are catching on really well. And quickly too. Maybe I'm getting to be a better teacher too. I do know that I still have to work on my chattering, I have a bad habit of letting my mouth go while I'm thinking about other things completely. Not good multi-tasking.

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