Thursday, April 28, 2005

The yarn dyes well.

Julie, I tried to see if cox gives me extra accounts with them, but for some reason, I don't know my password. I will look into it again when they let me. They're mean and won't let you try anymore if you don't know your password three times in a row. Guess I shouldn't have tried the same one all three times.

So, my silk/cotton yarn dyes really well. It actually dyed a lot darker than I though that it would. I took a picture for before/after purposes, but the dark brown really didn't want to photograph.

I also went to see Jonelle at SWTC, and it turns out that the original color of Fur Real they gave me is a new one that they don't sell yet. So they're sending me more whenever they get it, and then I'll be able to finish the sweater. It'll look really nice when I do.

I got so much cleaning done today. I excavated a corner of the living room that hadn't been touched since we moved here. It wasn't that messy really, just some papers and a book, but still it definately doesn't belong in the corner of the living room. I also dusted a ton, and washed all five ceiling fans. That seriously needed to be done, they were getting furry looking. I could ignore it because they're on most of the time, but I knew deep down inside that the fans were carrying dust around and around and around.

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