Thursday, May 19, 2005

Internet ADD

Okay, I want to sit and make a big long post all about my trip and what's been going one with me, but I've been sitting here checking email and working on my site and reading blogs all morning and feel like I can't do one more computer thing without jumping up and down. So this is what you get for now. I will do my blogging first thing tomorrow so that I'll be fresh and able to make a super long post.

Vacation was so much fun I'm still getting a goofy smile just thinking about it.
My site is getting a redesign.
Crocheting is going well, tomorrow should bring a FO.
My classes are getting overhauled, hopefully I'll bring in more students.
I've got lots of pictures to show, but here's just one for now.

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1 comment:

Julie said...

You think YOU'VE got internet ADD?! I'm so burnt out on the internet, I don't care if I ever see it again... except then I can check me email... or blog... or... :)

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