Monday, May 23, 2005

Picture post

This is the "old school" duffle that Adam requested. It was a struggle. I finished it today. I guess my math skills aren't good enough to draft things with circles. I even ran it by Ben before I started, but it still took three tries to get the ends to fit in the tube.

This is the poncho I made out of the silk yarn that I unravelled from the Goodwill sweater and dyed with Rit dye. I'm thinking of submitting the pattern to CrochetMe.

I showed Adam this picture and he said "Could you look more like a tourist?"

I was so excited. This is me on the set for Salem Place Mall in Days of Our Lives. Touring NBC studios was sooo much fun. I'm such a dork, I was all excited to see the Days sets and stuff. I didn't even see anyone from the show and I was still excited. I did see Billy Bush though. He looks just like he does on tv. And I saw Jay Leno's car. It was super fancy and completely clean inside. Not even a reciept or anything.

Here's a picture from Pirates of the Caribbean. It would have been way more fun if the 14 year old loser bitches in the seats ahead of us hadn't been shrieking every second. We seem to attract really annoying people who think they're crazy awesome and talk about super annoying things while they wait behind us in a 40 minute line. And Disneyland is still about the most fun place I can name.

This was my dinner on Disneyland Day. It was so cute. Even the little fritos were Mickey shaped.

Other things we did on our vaction:
Medieval Times - I love it! I'm such a dork this would be my second most fun place.
A miniatures store - I've got such a craving to make a dollhouse.
Museum of the American West - The movie costumes were cool, as were the exhibits about western communities. But my favorite exhibits are always the ones with clothes or textiles in the displays.

Things I did last week:
Finished the poncho.
Taught a beginning sewing session.
Got a book from the library about death in the Grand Canyon that's scaring me but I keep reading it.
Made bread to surprise Ben on Friday.
Saw Monster-in-Law. It was okay funny.
Watched a lot of SCTV with Ben to send them back to Netflix.
Watched all the extras on my Phantom of the Opera dvd while I finished my poncho.
Planned a tank top pattern to crochet that I can hopefully start testing tomorrow.

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Pam said...

I really like that poncho, you should definitely submit it.

I think all the Mickey-shaped food would have freaked me out a bit.

Brienne said...

i want your shoes (the ones in the poncho picture, which is totally cute, btw)

when i look at the mickey sandwich, all i see is a bunny :( what's wrong with me :(

Julie said...

The Poncho looks really good. I also think you should make me one of those duffel bags. My initials are JKW. ;)

Bethany said...

thanks guys.
The mickey food was totally fun, but then again, I'm a giant little kid.
I got the shoes at payless. I want a pair like them with less square toes. Notice the miss america/model/ballerina stance. Plus size modeling here I come.
I know your initials. Believe me, that's not what's keeping me from making another one of those things.

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