Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Slow day

I'm having a slow day. Which I hope doesn't portend a slow week. Because I had a slow week last week, and I've got lots of stuff that has to get done. I did exercise this morning and cleaned up the living room and the kitchen, so that's good. I'm setting myself the goal of vaccuming today and that'll take care of the housework that I wanted to accomplish today.

Other things I have to do this week. Make a set of pajamas for a sample to advertise my sewing class. But first I have to get the fabric. The rule is that the samples have to made from craftmart fabric, so I have to ride to Craftmart and get it before I can even start. At least I have the pattern.

I am not going to do that today though. Today I'm going to sit and crochet. I have an order for a hat that's panda-esque. We'll see what I can do. I'm choosing to crochet instead of go to Craftmart and get fabric and then come home and sew because I'm feeling dead today. I'm not sure what I did this weekend that was so exhausting, but I'm sore and stiff and didn't even hear Ben leave this morning I was so dead sleeping. But I've been resting well anyway.

What we did over the weekend really was just go shopping a few times. I got new shoes yesterday. And we did go to Ben's boss's (boss'? the house of ben's boss?) house for a cook out. It was a lot of fun. But I'm so bad socially it's not even funny. I always manage to say stupid things or come across all conceited and stuff. I only can hope that when people meet me there's enough niceness that shows through that they can tell that I'm really a nice person who occasionally says stupid things, not a mean know it all. Maybe that's why I'm tired. The stress of interacting with others. I'm not used to social interaction with other human beings. I really need to make a friend or too, lol.

Also this week I have to go to the eye dr and have him take a picture of the freckle on the back of my eye to make sure that it hasn't gotten bigger or whatever. I think I'll ride my bike to the mall in the morning and make a day of it, maybe get my eyebrows waxed and eat lunch in the food court and definately sit in barnes and noble and read books I'm not going to buy, and maybe see a movie. Then I'll just have Ben come meet me for dinner when he's done work, and I won't have to ride home again.

I sort of feel like I deserve a day like that. It was actually a kind of stressful weekend beyond the unusual human interaction. Ben's been stressed out lately, and he really overreacts to things, but like anyone, he really doesn't handle being told he's overreacting well. So we ended up having a few arguments, mostly because I was expecting him to do things, but I hadn't told him, so he didn't do them. Stupid couple things to fight about. But it's really only our tempers that are a problem. Afterward, we always end up telling each other how whatever the stupid thing was it's our fault. So we've made up, but I still am just tired from it.

Goals for the week:
Hit working out five times this week. I checked the calendar and for one reason or another, it's been about three weeks since I've done five. Only four the past three weeks.

Only eat out once this week. (not counting lunch at the mall... i've got to eat something if i'm going to be there all day) I've been really bad about making dinner and not eating out since the oven broke, but it's such a waste of money, and so not good for me, that I'm making it a goal to only eat out once a week from now on. And usually that will count lunches and breakfast too, even on the weekend.

Get those pajamas made.

Make the panda hat.

Restart my tank pattern with cotton ease I'm trying to make. I had a whole ball crocheted when I realized my gauge was smaller than I needed and I had to pull the whole thing out. But it's not a bad thing because now I'll add some waist shaping. I'm planning an experiment with short rows for the bust shaping. Now I just have to decide if the stitch I picked is what I want for sure.

Well, since I'm giving myself so much to do, I'd better go get it done and leave the computer alone for now.

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Julie said...

Ugh. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's like those dreams where you can't open your eyes, and you're trying really hard to open your eyes, but you just can't. Well, that's what "slow days" feel like. Like you can't open your eyes. Ugh.

BTW: it's "boss's" :)

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