Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Back to normal

So I had a good day yesterday. I did my normal housework and all in the morning, and then I spent all afternoon reading. A bit extreme, I know, but I used to spend all day in the summer reading when I was living with my parents. (I was going to write "in grade school" but that's not true... I never grew out of it.) It was nice, and I had stocked up on library books just for the occasion. I also watched Nanny 911... It almost makes me want to have kids right now, because I know I would have normal kids who are polite, not crazy monster children who scream and punch me. I checked out that new series, Hell's Kitchen, too. It was really good, I'll have to remember and get Ben to watch it with me. He'd like it, I think.

I may just spend a few hours reading again today. It's a treat, really. But I also want to finally try my idea about my jeans, and I should try to fix Ben's pants. I'm ignoring the pajamas... not good I know... but I just don't want to do those today. I'm compromising. I'm going to work on writing up the paperwork for the class instead. I have to have the handouts just as much as I have to have the sample when I go in, so good compromise to me.

I'm trying to vacuum the pool today. It made a really bad noise when I turned the filter one, like it was running dry. So I'm running more water into it, in case the water was too low. If that doesn't fix it though, I guess it just won't get vacuumed, lol.

Just because I'm in a showing off mood:

This is a little baby outfit I made last summer for on of my cousins when she had her baby.

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