Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Finished Project

I didn't finish the pajamas today because I ran out of the right color thread. Which is sad because I was using the wrong color anyway. But now I've got to finish with what I started with, so no more sewing that until I get more. I do have to hem Ben's pants for him. He wants me to keep the cuff on them... that's a whole different bother.

I did finish the panda hat though! Here it is in all it's panda-y glory:

Just ignore my weird forehead, lol.
I think I might use this pattern as a freebie in the sampler once I get more patterns for sale on my site, to advertise. If they'd let me do that sort of thing that is.

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Julie said...

So cute!

I still want that scarf!

stefani said...

Your panda hat is really cute!

Bethany said...


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