Thursday, June 16, 2005

nana nana nana nana nana nana nana: BATMAN

Ben got home yesterday. I slept so well last night it's not even funny. I didn't wake up, not even a little, until he came to kiss me goodbye when he left for the office. I was like a rock. And/or an island. I was really glad to have him home. I like having someone around to feed and such. I'd hate to live alone.

We saw Batman Begins yesterday. It was quite good. But I could be biased considering that Christian Bale has been my boyfriend since he was in Newsies. Yeah, he and I have been snuggle bunnies for a long time. We might get married. He sure grew up hot, but then, he knows I've always liked him no matter what he looked like. Except when he was emaciated and a murderer... well, maybe a little when he was a murderer.

Ben, Adam, and Greg liked it too though, so even people who aren't romantically involved with Christian Bale will enjoy it.

I got one leg of my jeans all flared yesterday... I'm still very iffy about the outcome, but I'll finish them before I decide whether it was a success or not.

I'm going to sew together the swtc test sweater this afternoon, so if I don't run into problems tomorrow should bring pictures. And I've got a few ideas for some new crochet patterns running around in my head that I'm thinking I should at least draw out or write down sometime.

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Brienne said...

your relationship with christian sounds a lot like my relationship with kyle, the teller at my bank :D hehehe were very happy :D

Julie said...

Christian told ME it was over with you two. He promised me monogomy!

Brienne said...

someone call judge judy

Bethany said...

Yeah, but what about Hugh and Carey? I think you're playing Christian, and he feels really bad about it.

Julie said...

Which Hugh?


Brienne said...

please tell me you don't mean Huge Ackman :|

Bethany said...

Yes him. But only when he's being Wolverine. Not when he's gay and dance-y.

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