Friday, June 10, 2005

Pickles Plays Fetch

Ever heard of a cat playing fetch? I'm sure some people have, but I've never actually had one that would till now. Our cat pickles likes to play fetch using the rings off milk jugs. I've taken some pictures because I just can't get over how cute it is.

Isn't that just too cute? She walks around like this.

Her favorite place to play is with us on the bed and throwing the ring out the door to the hallway. But since I'm a bad throw, she'll get it where ever it lands. She jumped onto the quilt rack to get one once.

She brings it up onto the bed and drops it by us and then sits there and looks at us.

Here's a really good action shot of her leaping off the bed right after I've thrown the ring. She was a really good sport for this, since I woke her up to play just so I could take these pictures.

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stefani said...

Milk rings are the bomb in our house! Forget any fancy kitty toy. The only one to play with is the ring off the milk cap! :-)

Julie said...

Awwww! Pickles is soooo cute! ;)

Bethany said...

Thanks Julie... I knew if I left it there long enough, someone would fall in love with my kitty. SRMC, the only other toys they pay attention to are those mice. The ones made of fur on the outside? They love those. I buy them in twentyfour packs. I'm not sure where they all are at any given time, because you can stand in any room and not see one, but the minute you move a chair, there are ten. Oh, and things with elastic strings, but that's just because our biggest guy is working on the world's record of stupidest amount of thread and cord a cat can eat.

Bethany said...

oh, i meant to say... we don't buy things with strings, the death wish is too strong

Stephanie said...

ooh! Pickles is adorable :D
My Marble used to play fetch - but she seems to have grown out of it - she liked to play fetch with fuzzy balls - I'd throw and she'd get it and bring it back. She's definitely more cat than kitten now and no longer fetches - but she brings me her hand knit cat-toy most nights :D

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