Tuesday, June 14, 2005


If there's some possible way at all to worry about something, I will find it and worry.

I spoke with Ben this morning, for just a minute. All we talked about was an eyelash in his eye and that he was getting ready. He asked if he could call me back in five minutes and never called, so fifteen minutes later, I tried him. I didn't get him on his cell. So I tried fifteen minutes later. Then I waited about an hour and tried again. He's not picking up his cell. So I called the hotel. He didn't answer the phone in his room, but that not surprising because he was supposed to be at breakfast. But he still wasn't answering his cell either. So around nine I called the hotel and asked them to check his room. They called me back and said they'd tried to reach him several times and couldn't. I said did they go in the room. And the guy said that he couldn't tell me that. So I asked if he had the sign on the door, and then guy said he couldn't tell me that either. So I said, if you'd opened the door and he were injured, would you tell me that? And he said yes. But I have no idea if they even checked the room or not. His cell is ringing a bunch of times, not going to voicemail right away like if it were off. I don't know if his boss would go looking for him if he didn't show up or not. I know that to most people this wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm worried sick about it, and I just want to hear from him.

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