Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Elton John's Anamatronic Deer

Okay, so last night I had a dream that I was doing a tour of Elton John's house on a tv show. And we were in his bedroom. And they showed me what was in his drawers, and it was all women's clothes. But not sexy lingerie really, it was hanes her way panties and sports bras. And I was like, why all the women's clothes? And the lady was all, he is gay. And I was like, but he's still a man, isn't he?

Anyway, his room was all purple and royal blue and feathers and satin, and on the wall was a deer head. And it was obvious it didn't belong, even though they put big sun glasses and a boa on it. What it was was an anamatronic head that had cameras in it's eyes so Elton John could watch us look around. But it wasn't very good. Like it was very obvious that Elton John hadn't shot a buck and gotten it taxidermied. And he kept accidentally moving it while I was looking at it. And it made a whirring noise when it moved.

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Julie said...

LOL! That's funny on so many different levels. Did you have a fever? I always have wierd dreams like that when I have a fever.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

oops posted the same thing twice. sorry.

Little but bigger brother said...

you are one freaky girl. Keep it up

Brienne said...

i think that dream would have scared me

a lot

last night i dreamed i got lost in a huge bingo place

elton john was not present

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