Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gauge is a Cruel Mistress

Okay, so I've done about four swatches. And they all have the same gauge. And I've used that gauge to figure out that I need 160 stitches to make a 25 inch wide piece for the bottom edge of my sweater. And I've tried three times. And every time 160 stitches has given me a 30 inch wide piece. This time I'm not quitting till it's about four inches long and I can make sure it's not drawn in by the stitch pattern. Oh Gauge! Why do you mock me?

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1 comment:

Julie said...

See? That's why I don't use them. I just stitch until I think it looks good and then go through the monotonous horror of counting my stitches. Or if I don't need to know, I just call it a day.

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