Saturday, July 16, 2005

IBC is definately better than Barq's

So, today we're going to the Phoenix Art Museum. I can't believe I've lived here for a year and just now found out that I want to go there. And why do I want to go there? Thorne Miniature Rooms. But not only that. Even better: Fashion Design Collection. I think there may also be paintings or some such, but really, who needs all that.

I've got about two inches done on the bamboo sweater front. And surprisingly, the stitch pattern did pull it in from 30 inches wide to 25 inches wide so, so far so good. That's the hips, so in couple of rows, I'll start the decreasing for the waist and such. I've got to decrease 10 inches all together before increasing 10 again for the bust. I have a plan for that that is pretty much what the whole design is based on.

Yesterday, while I started work on a different sweater (one I'll actually finish this year, since it's made with Homespun), I watched a histories mysteries episode about William Wallace and another about Rob Roy. And there were all these completely dry academic types with the most deliciously beautiful Scottish accents ever. I mean seriously, that accent must be on a special frequency or something. So, here's the question: Would it be wrong to get Ben lessons with a dialect coach for Christmas?

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Julie said...

I don't know... would you be getting Ben the lessons for YOU for Christmas or for BEN for Christmas? ;)

Speaking of mysteries I've been watching back-episodes of "Monk". Hilarious. I LOVE them.

Bethany said...

Definately more for me.

I love Monk too. Isn't that a great show?

Mel said...

Did you love the Miniature rooms? That is one of my favorite displays.

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