Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So I ordered some stampers from Oriental Trading Co. as my contribution to the bridal shower my MIL is throwing for my future SIL to use for bingo. Really.

Anyway, since I was already making the order, I got some little craft kits for making Christmas ornaments. I was thinking that Ben and I could work on them while we watched movies, but I don't know if he's interested or not. They came last night, so I made one of each.

I like the pearl ones, but the blue ones are just pipe cleaners and are pretty cheap. And since the point was to put them on everyone's Christmas present as a little extra present, I think the blue ones will stay with me. I like them a lot and would put them on my tree, but I can't see giving them to people.

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Brienne said...

i like the blue one, i think its pretty

Julie said...

I like the pearl one too. That's a really good idea. I may have to snag it. ;)

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