Wednesday, August 24, 2005

By Request

For Julie:

And because Stephanie wants gratuitous yarn shots:

This the the sweater yarn after I unravelled it.

And here it is after being dyed with a pack of royal blue and a pack of navy blue rit dye. I'm not really happy with the color, I'm afraid I'll end up looking like a molting muppet.
The crocheting behind the skein is the start of my sweater. I was going for one of those cool front and back the same wrap sweater type things, like this but it's probably going to end up a lot more like a regular cardigan. I don't know yet. I'm at a stopping point at the moment anyway, because I have to wind up my last four skeins into balls and my skein holder isn't home from work yet.

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Julie said...

They ARE a little evil, but I was also expecting big gouges (sp?) and at least they don't have that going on too.

Brienne said...

it doesn't help that you're bugging your eyes out all crazy-like, lol

unless you're not :| but i don't remember you having eyes like that :s

either way, yikes!

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