Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The desert is a stupid place to live.

We had a really good time up in Flagstaff and seeing the Grand Canyon. The weather up there is so much nicer, it's just crazy. I could just about cry when I think of having to be back here in the valley of the sunstroke, I want to get outside so badly, but the heat just sucks. But it is nice in the pool in the evenings, so we're lucky to have it clean and working again.

We went to Walnut Canyon and climbed down a cliff to look at ruins of cave dwelling type things. That was a lot of fun, even though it was quite a hike. The Grand Canyon was pretty. I'd been there before, so it wasn't new to me, but I think Ben enjoyed it quite a bit. We went to a historical home in Flagstaff, it was really cool. It was a huge duplex because brothers who married sisters built it. They were big lumber people at the turn of the century. It was very nice and had lots a really pretty arts and crafts style furniture and stuff. I think that was my favorite part of the trip, but I'm a sucker for touring historical homes.

I've been taking apart sweaters this week. I made quite a haul at the Goodwill on Friday before we left while the oil in the car was being changed. I managed to find five sweaters to cannablize all with the right color tag to get fifty percent off. I found two silk blend sweaters, one silk/cotton and the other silk/cashmere and two angora blend sweaters and one 100% wool one. I usually don't bother with the wool ones because they're really common, but this one was light colored so I figured I could dye it, and it wasn't nearly as fine gague as most, the yarn is pretty much heavy worsted weight. I took that one apart yesterday and made a swatch to see how it'll felt. I want to do a felted bag with it. The silk ones are really very finely gauged, but I figured by doubling it and using a pretty lace pattern, I could make a nice stole from the silk/cashmere, which is a pretty charcoal color. Anyway, pretty great yarn for only $2.50 a sweater.

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Julie said...

Battle Creek, Michigan is a stupid place to live. ;)

Stephanie said...

oooh! silk cashmere *drool*
oops. pardon me. how rude, drooling on your blog ;)

"happiness is Phoenix in the Rear View Mirror" or something like that - from Edward Abbey :D

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