Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Indoor Baseball

We went to the Diamondsbacks' game on Sunday. It was pretty neat, because they're stadium is covered and airconditioned. It was like being outside at a place that's not hellish. And I had the biggest bag of cotton candy ever. I didn't finish it till yesterday.

After church on Sunday, we went to the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast. It was very good food, but the funny part was that some people from the choir sat with us. Okay, not funny in its self, but I have this thing with the choir there. Last month, they were complaining about not enough participation from the congregation and stuff... okay here's the reasons they have that problem:

They sing songs that no one knows.
They all sing in keys that are so high no one else can reach them. (I know that's church music, but still.)
They sing into the microphones at all times, so people always feel like they're doing solos.
They turn the ordinary songs that everyone's supposed to sing into cantor songs so they can do the verses as solos.
Did I mention that they always pick songs that no one knows?

So I've been threatening to send them a letter explaining all these things to them and clueing them into why they have participation problems. And the whole time the choir people were sitting at our table I was thinking... what if i just tell them? would that be so bad?
I didn't though.

I made blueberry pie last night. It didn't turn out right, the sugar and flour didn't mix up with the blueberries the way it was meant to. But at least it set up. The last one I made was just a lake of blueberry juice.

I'm very much in a baking mood, but I think I'll hold off till the pie is gone to make anything else. There's no one to eat lots of baked goods, just the two of us, and I don't think we should be eating massive amounts of pie and bread and cookies. No matter how much we'd like to.

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Julie said...

I definitely don't think it is rude to tell the choir people to sing stuff that people can sing along to. You don't have to kick them in the shins or anything, you can say it nicely, but yeah, they need to know that if they want participation they need to do something to make people think that it's welcome.

Bethany said...

Well, that's kind of the thing... I sort of DO want to kick them in the shins.

I have anger issues.

Julie said...

Maybe you should leave them a Voice Mail.......

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