Thursday, September 15, 2005

La, La, La.

So the dancing was fun. I can now, in theory, Tango. In reality, I'm not so great. But it's fun none the less. And I didn't injure anyone. But I'm scared to go backward and just let Ben steer me. Guess I'll have to try to get used to that.

I have no plans for the day. That kind of bugs me. I like to have plans. I don't like doing nothing. I guess I'll just start a new project. Maybe I'll have to check the Christmas list and see what needs doing. Or maybe I'll finish sketching the schematic for the cabled hoodie and make the front of that.

I think tomorrow I'll go to the mall. And read books I'm not planning to buy at Barnes and Noble. And go shoe shopping. I couldn't find any I liked the other day.

I should start sewing my dress together. But I don't want to.

No one is signing up for my sewing class. I have one student, which means I have to go and teach it, but also means that it's not really worth my time to do so. Grr. I'm going to have to do something about this... either advertise better or quit the classes. Of course getting more students would be the best thing. Just not sure how to do that.

There are mysterious noises coming from the kitchen. I think the cats are revolting. They spent all day yesterday with no food in the dish, so I think they were planning a coup. Never mind that I gave them wet food and that Ben put out food in the dish as soon as he got home. Nope, it's unforgivable to even see the bottom of the bowl, let alone spend a whole eight hours with only bottom showing. I'm in for it now.

I'm thinking of turning to the dark side and practicing knitting. I know, I shouldn't leave the way of the hook. But I'm sure that as soon as I try to make anything that's more the nine stitches wide on needles that are less then 17, I'll remember why I don't knit.

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Julie said...

Or you can spend 3 hours on the phone with me. ;) Thanks for calling and accidentally getting me. :)

Julie said...


Bethany said...

Is so.

If I turn to knitting, that will be one less crocheter to demand good patterns. And one less person to try to make good crochet patterns. Hence dark side. :)

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