Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Strictly Ballroom

Today Ben and I start our ballroom dancing class. I hope I don't trip or knock anyone down. Those are my two high goals for the whole class. And if I manage to learn to waltz for the fancyshmancy wedding, that will be good too. In fact, even if I knock someone down, but I still learn to waltz, I will consider it a success.

I had to rip out all the sweat that I was working on... it was cute how it was, but it wasn't turning out how I'd planned it at all. It was way more shrug than wrap around, and the wrap around is important to me. I'd start over again, but I have a bad feeling that I don't have enough yarn to do what I'm aiming for. So I swatched some cable patterns yesterday because I'm thinking cabled hoodie. But I don't like the acrylic I was using yesterday, so I might have to rethink the whole project.

Pickles is wandering around aimlessly with the milk cap ring in her mouth. I think she's trying to cute her way into more wet food.

We saw John Heffron over the weekend. It was SUCH a good show. And he's cute. And it was soooo funny. I can't wait to go see Jim Gaffigan.

Ben and I walked out of the house arguing on Saturday, and the neighbor was in her yard and started talking to us. I mean, geez, they don't exist for extended periods of time, and just when it would be most embarrassing to be there she decides to have a nice conversation. ugh.

Going shoe shopping today. I need to have the right kind of shoes for the dancing class. And my old stand by's for the last ten years, my character shoes, now kill my feet. It's sad I know, but I'm just not getting rid of them. But in the mean time, since I can't wear them, I figure go find the shoes I'll wear for the wedding, and just wear those to the class. I mean, I'm going with a black dress sort of thing for the wedding, I know that even though I don't have the dress, so... Black Strappy Heels. That is the target of today's shopping mission.

John Roberts is very shiny. I'm not sure if he's carbon based.

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Julie said...

Me and my roommate are suppose to go to a Salsa dance lesson this weekend. If I go, I will REALLY knock someone down. I look like a LOSER when I dance. :)

Brienne said...

julie: like elaine on seinfeld? :\

you have to let me know how jim gaffigan is

i'm getting salsa lessons in a couple of weeks....i can't wait...seriously.....no, i mean it...

Julie said...

Not quite like Elaine. More like random dork than wildly bad.

Brienne said...

thank god

for a second, i thought we might need a dance intervention

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