Thursday, October 27, 2005

I just spent the last three or so hours writing an article about choosing animal friendly yarns. Why? So I can put it on my site and have content. Also, it was sort of fun. Anyway, I'm hoping to add an article a day and really build up my content, and hopefully my adsense income. The other articles will be much shorter hopefully. I was shooting for four hundred words and came away with about a thousand. I need to work on brevity. Anyway, I reformatted my site to add the article and that was about an hour worth of the three hours right there. But now as I write them, I can just plug them in.

There will be a picture of the swift in action on its way, as per Pam's request. I just have to get around to taking it. But don't expect anything spectacular, it's quite cheesy. And only does one size skein, unless I take it apart and replace key parts with other k'nex. Oh, and Alison, that's exactly where I got the idea... well, the other post about the swift made of k'nex is EXACTLY where I got it. Doesn't Craftster rock your butt off? Does mine. I'd do the winder like they did, but those legos are expensive and hard to find. I'm looking into alternatives.

I'm sick of the computer now, so I'm heading out to go watch History Channel and crochet. That's about the best way to spend a few morning hours that I can think of.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

My beppycat email has been taken over.

Ever since I signed up for AdSense, my special email has been getting spam that claims to be from the Beppycat Service Center. Since I am beppycat, this disturbs me, because I know I haven't been sending me stuff.

I don't blame Google at all though. I should have known better than to use my secure email that's gotten no spam ever. I should have used my yahoo account to begin with. I'm changing my email with them so hopefully that will help. I just hope that no one else is getting these crazy spam mails pretending to be from me.

I have an order for a large amount of patches that I have to get finished early this week, as they have to be delivered by Friday. But I am making a good amount of money for it. So, no complaints from me. It'll just be a matter of doing it. I'll post pictures when I finish.

I made stew yesterday with ground sirloin, trying to capture my childhood. It was actually pretty close. I put the browned hamburger in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots and homemade gravy. Ben liked it alot. And it was especially good where it was all mushy biscuity.

Today I'm trying another slow cooker recipe that I made up. I'm going to put chicken breasts in and cover them with marinara sauce and then serve it over pasta. We'll see how it turns out. Anything I can eat with garlic bread will be good no matter what.

I crocheted so long on Friday that my right arm was sore the rest of the weekend. But my lacy scarf is coming along nicely. I think I'll have to buy another skein though, I might have made the whole thing a bit too wide to be long enough in one skein. I hope they can find me the same dye lot.

I bought a tub of k'nex yesterday and built a swift out of them. It works fairly well. And was a deal at twenty dollars for the k'nex compared to sixty for a wooden one. Of course a wooden one is classier, but this is reusable as other things and there's extra k'nex left over. Now I just have to figure out how to build a ball winder.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm sorry Ben...

... I think I'm in love with KnitPicks.

It came yesterday! I'm so excited. The Andean Treasure! Oh my gosh, so soft. The Shine! So, so cool. The only thing that wasn't pretty much exactly how I expected was the Sierra. It's a great yarn, but just not as soft as I'd hoped. So I think I'll send it back and get some more of the Andean Treasure instead. Oh! and Alpaca Cloud. And Elegance! And Ambrosia!

Really, someone stop me. Knitpicks has created a monster.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Goodwill Hunting

I went to the Goodwill today because it was dollar Thursday. I came away with an apple peeler/corer from Pampered Chef for $3. A wool sports coat for a dollar to cut up and make a purse. A book of Christmas cross stitch patterns for Missy. A couple craft books, ribboncraft, crochet, scrapbooks. And some smocking magazines for Diane. A sastifactory goodwill day.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Julie Rocks!

I mean, just look what she made me. And sent as a surprise out of the blue.

I'm totally craving beef stew over biscuits. But I can't ever make it taste the way it did when they'd give us that in elementary school. I tried to get the recipe from the cook when I got older, but she was like, well, "you'd make the stew..." It was like she didn't quite get that I don't just have how to make stew ingrained in me. I know that it wasn't real stew because it had ground beef instead of stew meat because that's what they could afford to feed us. Maybe I should just try a normal stew recipe but put ground beef in it. Anyway, I won't be doing that today, so the craving will go on.

It's sewing class day. I hope we can finally finish the pants. If we don't, I'm going to be so behind my lesson plan. Whatever

I got the Little Brown Bag kit from Bag Smith when Ben and I were in Tucson this weekend. (I just had to stop and Purls and check them out.) I think that on the whole, I would give this kit a bad review. The pattern it came with is not very great, just a tube with a separate bottom, and it's got typos and mistakes in it. Plus, I'm not so much into the black handles on a brown bag thing. It also comes with a little liner all sewn together, but there are no instructions whatsoever on how to insert it or what to do with it. On the good side, the cord it comes with is neat and crochets into a good bag fabric. But it definately wasn't worth the $35. I'm just a sucker for stuff that comes in a kit or as a set.

We had a lot of fun in Tucson. We went to the desert museum which is like a big zoo/botanical gardens, and saw a mountain lion and other big killer cats, and agaves and other big killer cacti. It didn't really make me like living in the desert any more than I did before, but their diagram on water usage convinced me that no one else should live here either. I also learned that javelinas are a pest problem in some areas. That surprised me, I've never seen them anywhere but in a zoo.

The class on Monday night was interesting, but the main point I took away from it and liked the most Julie will most likely cover on her blog, because it was something that I just had to share with her and she said, "I'm going to write about that on my blog." Anyway, just go there and read about it.

We didn't go to the dance class last night. So we're probably not going next week either since we already missed half. I just didn't have it in me to make Ben go when he dislikes it so much. And we learned to waltz. That was the goal and we accomplished that the second week.

Pickles is sitting in my lap and pressing her forehead against my hand really hard. She's so spoiled it's not even funny.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blog season! No, Duck Season! Shoot!

So, I think I'm hitting a slump in my blogging. Like you couldn't tell on your own.

Last week was a sort of hard week for me. Ben was gone all week, and it was my dad's birthday, so I was homesick and lonely. Not the best of combinations. But things are more normal now, and that's good.

I bought a dress for the wedding the week before last. I like to think of it as my "perfectly acceptable dress to wear in case I don't find the dress that's perfect" dress. A back up if you will. And it's all returnable. Though I'm pretty sure it's going to be the one I wear, because I was kinda getting sick of looking at dresses. I'll post pictures sometime. We'll have a vote. It'll be fun.

I went to the first class of the OCIA with Ben on Monday. That's the learning to be Catholic classes. I'm going to be his confirmation sponsor. Now that sponsors are going, I'm going to be going to these classes for the next eight months. Takes a long time to learn to be Catholic. Which is funny because I was born in March and Baptized in April. Guess I was just a natural. hehehe

I've been dragging lately. Like, so tired my arms seem heavy. And I've been trying to do everything that I'm supposed to be doing, like eating right and exercising and getting my housework done, and not just sitting around. Because everyone knows that sitting around makes you more tired than being active, and I'm still zapped. I don't get it. But I'm going to the dr. in November for my yearly checkup, so I might talk it over with her then. This week so far I haven't worked out, so I'm going to swim after I get back from my sewing class and see if that'll make a difference. We even skipped the ballroom dancing class because I was just sooo sleepy. But Ben didn't seem too broken up about it.

I ordered some things from Mary Maxim and they came on Friday. Among the things I got were some really cool iron on transfers for embroidery with the fifty state outlines and their flowers and birds and capitals. The ultimate goal is to someday make a quilt out of them. Which I'm sure if I started now I could have done in about five years. Realistically, I could maybe do it in two years, including the embroidering, sewing and quilting, but that would mean not working on anything else much. Mostly I just like owning them. And because I never know when enough is enough, I also got a pack of the fifty state birds transfers and a pack of the fifty state flower transfers. I am weak.

I've been drooling over knitpicks site lately. I just discovered it, and I'm sooo tempted to order a huge amount of things. I just can't get over their prices. I especially like the lace weight yarns. I'm in a battle with myself over whether everyone I know needs lacy scarves for Christmas. Once again, weak.

I took a quiz today that said that Jason Bateman is my eighties heart throb. And that does not surprise me one bit because he's totally sexy and I love Arrested Development. So he's still my heart throb? I guess.

Happy Lost Day.

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