Monday, October 24, 2005

My beppycat email has been taken over.

Ever since I signed up for AdSense, my special email has been getting spam that claims to be from the Beppycat Service Center. Since I am beppycat, this disturbs me, because I know I haven't been sending me stuff.

I don't blame Google at all though. I should have known better than to use my secure email that's gotten no spam ever. I should have used my yahoo account to begin with. I'm changing my email with them so hopefully that will help. I just hope that no one else is getting these crazy spam mails pretending to be from me.

I have an order for a large amount of patches that I have to get finished early this week, as they have to be delivered by Friday. But I am making a good amount of money for it. So, no complaints from me. It'll just be a matter of doing it. I'll post pictures when I finish.

I made stew yesterday with ground sirloin, trying to capture my childhood. It was actually pretty close. I put the browned hamburger in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots and homemade gravy. Ben liked it alot. And it was especially good where it was all mushy biscuity.

Today I'm trying another slow cooker recipe that I made up. I'm going to put chicken breasts in and cover them with marinara sauce and then serve it over pasta. We'll see how it turns out. Anything I can eat with garlic bread will be good no matter what.

I crocheted so long on Friday that my right arm was sore the rest of the weekend. But my lacy scarf is coming along nicely. I think I'll have to buy another skein though, I might have made the whole thing a bit too wide to be long enough in one skein. I hope they can find me the same dye lot.

I bought a tub of k'nex yesterday and built a swift out of them. It works fairly well. And was a deal at twenty dollars for the k'nex compared to sixty for a wooden one. Of course a wooden one is classier, but this is reusable as other things and there's extra k'nex left over. Now I just have to figure out how to build a ball winder.

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Julie said...

Stew sounds really good right now. It's soooooooo cold.

Bethany said...

So, like, seventy? ;)

Creative Genius? said...

Hey there - It's Alison.... For your ball winder maybe this will give you some hints:

It's totally cool if you ask me!

Julie said...

It's actually like 40ish and damp. The worst part is that they haven't turned the heat on in our building yet and let's face it, all buildings over 50 years old are drafty.

What I'm wearing to counter-balance the cold. A long-sleeved T-shirt, a sweater, a pair of jeans, socks, and shoes. Brr.

Pam said...

We need a picture of the swift!

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