Thursday, October 27, 2005

I just spent the last three or so hours writing an article about choosing animal friendly yarns. Why? So I can put it on my site and have content. Also, it was sort of fun. Anyway, I'm hoping to add an article a day and really build up my content, and hopefully my adsense income. The other articles will be much shorter hopefully. I was shooting for four hundred words and came away with about a thousand. I need to work on brevity. Anyway, I reformatted my site to add the article and that was about an hour worth of the three hours right there. But now as I write them, I can just plug them in.

There will be a picture of the swift in action on its way, as per Pam's request. I just have to get around to taking it. But don't expect anything spectacular, it's quite cheesy. And only does one size skein, unless I take it apart and replace key parts with other k'nex. Oh, and Alison, that's exactly where I got the idea... well, the other post about the swift made of k'nex is EXACTLY where I got it. Doesn't Craftster rock your butt off? Does mine. I'd do the winder like they did, but those legos are expensive and hard to find. I'm looking into alternatives.

I'm sick of the computer now, so I'm heading out to go watch History Channel and crochet. That's about the best way to spend a few morning hours that I can think of.

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Julie said...

By "animal friendly" do you mean yarns that your cats can eat without getting sick??

Bethany said...

Wow. That's a good one. I meant, like, info about the environment and animal rights as it applies to yarn. But I like yours way way better.

Julie said...

:) I just know from experience that even "animal friendly" yarn isn't necessarily friendly to animals that eat it. :)

Brienne said...

let me know how that ball winder works out

i can't feel my arms

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