Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Thanks for the well wishes in the comments before. I found out the blood work results aren't as scary as I thought they were. I do have to start taking cholesterol medicine, but that seems genetically inevitiable, so not a big deal. I still have to have the booby scan done next week and then I won't find out if the lump is a cyst or a LUMP until the week after, but that's no reason to put my life on hold worrying or something.

More yarn from Knitpicks came on Monday. I'm an addict. I've got numerous colors of Alpaca Cloud for lacy scarves... could you be one of the lucky ones? And I got lots of Andean Treasure in Mystery to make gauntlets for Donna and some in Embers for a special design I've been thinking of for the special love/valentine's day Crochet Me. I've got four skeins of the Mystery and I'm thinking that was pretty much overkill considering I made my short wrist fingerless gloves out of one skein for the pair. But I was thinking I might try cabling on these gauntlets, so that'll take more yarn.

I don't have to teach my class today, my student in busy, but I still might go over there and see if I can find some elastic thread. I tried the plastic cording that's really stretchy that I had here from making some bracelets, but it didn't work at all. Way too rubbery, so it stuck to the hook really badly with each stitch and stayed behind.

Ben's gone until tomorrow night, so whatever I decide to do today, I'm making it an all Beth kinda day. Starting with Cheerios for breakfast and ending with watching the hours of things that I dvred since last week and haven't watched yet. I still have last week's Lost and ER and lots of history channel shows to get through, lol.

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Brienne said...

i hope everything's ok *hugs*

i'm so proud of you, lol, your nails look so nice :D

i have to go rinse my head now :s blog should explain :s

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