Monday, December 19, 2005


Today, I am frantically trying to finish making all gifts, get the house in order, and make sure I'm completely packed for our trip. I'm going to be gone until into January, and want to make sure I leave the house in good enough shape that the cats won't be able to kill themselves while we're gone. Because they have shown many times in the past by eating yarn and thread and jumping off high things, and knocking things over on themselves and shoving themselves behind dangerous appliances that they want to die. My job is to prevent their constant suicide attempts.

I also have to perform the time consuming and all important ritual of deciding what projects to take with me. I think socks for the plane to really occupy my mind, a prayer shawl for mindless crochet while with family, and the felted purse, so I actually get some designing done. And the yarn for the lacy scarf for my mom. I can't just make it, because she just was telling me about a scarf she was making herself, so I don't know if she'd want this one, but I'll show her and ask her if she'd want me to make it. Or she could have the yarn if she wants. Plus I packed my suitcase with lots of different skeins of knitpicks yarns to show her because they don't use the internet and she hasn't gotten her knitpicks catalog yet.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Have a great day. Whether you celebrate or not, take advantage of the time off... and have a blessed and joyous holiday of your choice. I'll be posting next year!

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hearts and Pearls

so... since Crochet Me isn't so much into returning emails. And also seems to not want to have new contributions, I'm going to post a whole picture of the Valentine's Day scarf here. That'll show me to email them late, next time I want to submit to them, it'll be early or not at all. Anyway, here it is:

I'm actually quite proud of it. Here's another:

What do you all think? Would you make one? I mean, if you were into light pink hearts and pearls and ultra gag me with a spoon romantic things...

I think I'll just write up the pattern and print it nice and submit it to the the Sampler. That would be a good sample to promote my site. I'll probably even have patterns on it by then. :)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weather Picture...

I was supposed to post a picture of myself wearing appropriate clothing for my climate yesterday, but I had to wait till Ben got home to take it and it didn't really turn out well because it was dark and raining by then. So I'll describe it and try for another picture tomorrow. See about this here.

Yesterday was relatively overcast and chilly. I was wearing my jeans and tennis shoes, a tank top and a long sleeve hooded sweater. I actually should have put on my jacket if I'd gone anywhere on my bike. It gets chilly pedaling.

Other news... I've got some kind of repetive motion thing wrong with my thumb. At least that's what I think it is. It hurts when I crochet and type. So, I'm laying off both for the day.

I'm working on some knitted sweaters on the knitting machine. I got a part over the weekend to make it work again, it had gotten bent in the move, so I haven't used it for a year and a half. But now, it's working and I'm making hooded sweaters for Manny, Julia, and Gabe. They will be cute. Ben actually called Julia a flaming ball of cute the other day, so I hope my sweater doesn't burn up upon impact. Luckily, machine knitting doesn't hurt my thumb. So that's what I'm doing today.

Also, Christmas shopping for Ben is complete. I'm hoping that one last minute eBay buy makes it by the weekend, but other than that, I've got everything and only have a few more things to wrap. We set a limit this year, and I liked that because it was fun and challenging to get everything I thought he might like and have a variety. And no books this year! I finally realized that he just does not like books as much as I want him to like books. Hopefully, he'll follow suit and I won't be getting any cd's or video games. I would list everything I got him and all, but I don't know if he might read this blog every once in a while. So I'll do that after we do presents this weekend.

Hopefully, pictures of kid sweaters tomorrow. Or, more accurately, kid sweater pieces. I'm planning to do all the knitting here and then sew up the pieces once we're at my parents house next week.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Little Sneak Peek

... and I do mean little:

I sent pics to the Crochet Me team today. I hope they'll respond. I know I missed the proposal deadline, but I can completely make the pattern deadline, so I hope they'll be willing to include my project. If not, I'll just put it on my site, I guess.

Ben's coming back from St. Louis today. Yay! I hate when he's gone. Sleeping on the couch sucks. But for some reason it's way less scary then going to bed is, so I do it. Anyway, no couch for me tonight!

Today, I've got to finish the scarf for Ben's mom for her birthday present. I think that'll take a while... the edging starts with like 800 sc. Maybe I won't use an edging.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oh wow, they're Members...

So as a Christmas present to each other, Ben and I bought memberships to the Phoenix Zoo. We went on Sunday, and it was all very VIP. Okay, not really, but it was fun. It's just pretty and nice to walk around there. I'm not so into the caged animals, that kinda depresses me, but Ben loves zoos so much, and this one does seem like a nice zoo.

I've been working on a project to the Crochet Me Love Issue. Yes, I know I missed the deadline, but since I have to finish it anyway, I figured, why not finish as soon as possible and see if they still might include it. I just have to put the finishing touches on the edging. This isn't the super secret surprise project. It's just a simpler one I knew I could finish and would look classy. I hope. I think I'll be able to finish that one today. And I still have the lace-y scarf for Ben's mom's birthday to finish up too. Maybe pictures tomorrow.

So I've got lots of sewing projects in the works today too, but I want to get the crocheting out of the way before I buckle down on that. Most of what I'm sewing should go fairly quickly.

I saw the pictures from Joe and Jess' wedding. I was pleasantly surprised at how non-lumpy and weird I looked. Even attractive. Except I have severe posture issues. As in, I'm way too crazy rigidly upright.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Public Service to My Readers

I'd like to point out to everyone how nice I am to have not turned on that crazy annoying "word" verification thing for the comments. And I say "word" because those are not words. Not even close. Anyway, I had a point. Oh yeah, you don't have to do the annoying word verification to comment. Nice, huh?

I was actually considering not posting a new post until someone commented on my last post, but I realized that being that weirdly passive aggressive with my own blog is just crazy.

I've been working on lacey scarves. And everytime I try a new yarn, I get about a million ideas of what I could do with it. I think I'm just going to have to get every yarn knitpicks sells in every color. I love them.

I've been trying to take a good picture of my new bucket hat, but in every one, I either look like a lump, or I look good and you can't see the hat. I guess I'll have to get Ben to play photographer when he gets home.

There's nothing much going on right now. The house is looking pretty nice with all the Christmas decorations, and I like that... And I got a new vaccum cleaner, and it sooo cool. I just thought of that because today is floor day.

I've been working on sewing lately. I cut out a bunch of patterns yesterday, and on Wed. I made Ben some new flannel pants because all of his dissappeared somehow. I've got fabric for Adam's Christmas present all cut. (Yeah, I know, we're not doing presents this year... pooh, but I bought the fabric months and months ago.) And three outfits for Julia. They might not all be for Christmas, but I figured that while I was cutting, I might as well get it done, so I went through my fabric and picked out some things that would look cute. That's a great thing about sewing little clothes... you can get them out of leftovers. I'll post pictures for sure when I'm done.

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