Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hearts and Pearls

so... since Crochet Me isn't so much into returning emails. And also seems to not want to have new contributions, I'm going to post a whole picture of the Valentine's Day scarf here. That'll show me to email them late, next time I want to submit to them, it'll be early or not at all. Anyway, here it is:

I'm actually quite proud of it. Here's another:

What do you all think? Would you make one? I mean, if you were into light pink hearts and pearls and ultra gag me with a spoon romantic things...

I think I'll just write up the pattern and print it nice and submit it to the the Sampler. That would be a good sample to promote my site. I'll probably even have patterns on it by then. :)

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Creative Genius? said...

Hey - I am working to start a new online knitting/crochet magazine... Being a start-up I don't have cash to give to people who submit patterns yet -- but if you'd like I'd LOVE to have your pattern for this scarf in our first issue (due late Jan/or Feb 2006)...

Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in! I just love it!!

:-) AL

alreillygator AT yahoo DOT com

Brienne said...

it's very pretty...looks like something a woman from my work would get all sappy crappy over, hehe...but very nice, i like it

Bethany said...

Al, I'm totally glad you like it, and flattered you'd want the pattern in you mag, but I'm going to be away from the computer until into Jan, and haven't written it up yet. I'm leaving today, so I guess I'll just use it for the Sampler. But I will Definately keep in mind that you are looking for patterns. If you're ever interested in any of the other things I post, just let me know.

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