Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Little Sneak Peek

... and I do mean little:

I sent pics to the Crochet Me team today. I hope they'll respond. I know I missed the proposal deadline, but I can completely make the pattern deadline, so I hope they'll be willing to include my project. If not, I'll just put it on my site, I guess.

Ben's coming back from St. Louis today. Yay! I hate when he's gone. Sleeping on the couch sucks. But for some reason it's way less scary then going to bed is, so I do it. Anyway, no couch for me tonight!

Today, I've got to finish the scarf for Ben's mom for her birthday present. I think that'll take a while... the edging starts with like 800 sc. Maybe I won't use an edging.

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Brienne said...

that's really pretty, and not so small, hehe

yeah, my parents decided to put a 600 foot addition on - they'll turn what was my bedroom, and is now alicia's, into a laundry room, and if you turn right at the end of the existing hall, there will be a NEW hall, and they're adding a room for my sister, making my brother's room bigger, and adding a master bedroom/bathroom with a walkin closet for my parents... i'll get my parents old more basement, yaaaay!!

Julie said...

Hey! Where'd you go?

Bethany said...

It's little because it's actually a tiny part of the whole thing. I know the picture's not really little.

No where, just nothing much to say, I guess.

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