Friday, December 02, 2005

Public Service to My Readers

I'd like to point out to everyone how nice I am to have not turned on that crazy annoying "word" verification thing for the comments. And I say "word" because those are not words. Not even close. Anyway, I had a point. Oh yeah, you don't have to do the annoying word verification to comment. Nice, huh?

I was actually considering not posting a new post until someone commented on my last post, but I realized that being that weirdly passive aggressive with my own blog is just crazy.

I've been working on lacey scarves. And everytime I try a new yarn, I get about a million ideas of what I could do with it. I think I'm just going to have to get every yarn knitpicks sells in every color. I love them.

I've been trying to take a good picture of my new bucket hat, but in every one, I either look like a lump, or I look good and you can't see the hat. I guess I'll have to get Ben to play photographer when he gets home.

There's nothing much going on right now. The house is looking pretty nice with all the Christmas decorations, and I like that... And I got a new vaccum cleaner, and it sooo cool. I just thought of that because today is floor day.

I've been working on sewing lately. I cut out a bunch of patterns yesterday, and on Wed. I made Ben some new flannel pants because all of his dissappeared somehow. I've got fabric for Adam's Christmas present all cut. (Yeah, I know, we're not doing presents this year... pooh, but I bought the fabric months and months ago.) And three outfits for Julia. They might not all be for Christmas, but I figured that while I was cutting, I might as well get it done, so I went through my fabric and picked out some things that would look cute. That's a great thing about sewing little clothes... you can get them out of leftovers. I'll post pictures for sure when I'm done.

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Julie said...

How does one look like a "lump" exactly? :) And yes, it is a little passive aggressive to not post something until someone has commented, but I must confess to doing the exact same thing. :) A couple of times. So, I'm a multiple offender.

Brienne said...

I like put on your wall..i'm not sure what to call it, sorry, lol. It's cool though, I like it.

I'm starting to think that Chandler is the only place in Arizona. 4 people have come into the shop in the past couple of weeks from Arizona, and they were ALL from Chandler. Weird.

Oh, and I turned on the "word" verification thing because I was getting comments, and I'd get all excited, and it was just spam :(

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