Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weather Picture...

I was supposed to post a picture of myself wearing appropriate clothing for my climate yesterday, but I had to wait till Ben got home to take it and it didn't really turn out well because it was dark and raining by then. So I'll describe it and try for another picture tomorrow. See about this here.

Yesterday was relatively overcast and chilly. I was wearing my jeans and tennis shoes, a tank top and a long sleeve hooded sweater. I actually should have put on my jacket if I'd gone anywhere on my bike. It gets chilly pedaling.

Other news... I've got some kind of repetive motion thing wrong with my thumb. At least that's what I think it is. It hurts when I crochet and type. So, I'm laying off both for the day.

I'm working on some knitted sweaters on the knitting machine. I got a part over the weekend to make it work again, it had gotten bent in the move, so I haven't used it for a year and a half. But now, it's working and I'm making hooded sweaters for Manny, Julia, and Gabe. They will be cute. Ben actually called Julia a flaming ball of cute the other day, so I hope my sweater doesn't burn up upon impact. Luckily, machine knitting doesn't hurt my thumb. So that's what I'm doing today.

Also, Christmas shopping for Ben is complete. I'm hoping that one last minute eBay buy makes it by the weekend, but other than that, I've got everything and only have a few more things to wrap. We set a limit this year, and I liked that because it was fun and challenging to get everything I thought he might like and have a variety. And no books this year! I finally realized that he just does not like books as much as I want him to like books. Hopefully, he'll follow suit and I won't be getting any cd's or video games. I would list everything I got him and all, but I don't know if he might read this blog every once in a while. So I'll do that after we do presents this weekend.

Hopefully, pictures of kid sweaters tomorrow. Or, more accurately, kid sweater pieces. I'm planning to do all the knitting here and then sew up the pieces once we're at my parents house next week.

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Julie said...

Yeah, everytime I read/hear about Christmas presents, I get totally depressed. BUT after spending an entire evening at Barnes & Nobles and Target, I have officially bought.... my first and part of my second Christmas presents.

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