Monday, December 11, 2006

PICTURES! Finally.

This is how I rigged up my pies and bread and cookies to carry to the bake sale at church. I was impressed with my own cleverness.

A "panta". It's an earwarmer type thing. Pattern from Craftster.

Some felted coffee cup holder sleeve things. Pattern from KnitPicks. Pretty much.

The baby layette. The blanket is still in progress. Patterns are various free baby charity patterns from around.

Adam's hat to match that scarf.

My Thanksgiving "tablescape". The candlesticks are from Ben's Grandparents James.

I had the house looking pretty nice on Thanksgiving weekend. It was cool.

I even made garland.

Smudgie is really sorta bored by you.


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I also can't spell...

I just noticed that I put "enduring" instead of "endearing". And that means something completely different. Because my bad habits are mostly eduring, but they're far from endearing.

I made gooey cinnamon buns yesterday. They turned out so well. I used the bread maker for the dough, and that thing makes the most perfect dough. It was cool. I can't wait to have one for breakfast.

I just ordered a crap load of stuff from lane bryant. I'm on a mission to figure out what my bra size really is, because I wouldn't think it changed much, but I bought a couple of new bras last weekend and could barely fit into them, even though they're the same size I've been wearing. But all my bras are wearing out and breaking all at once, so I have a desperate need for at least one new one in the right size. And while I was doing that, I couldn't resist all the other cool sales they had going on.

We're going to finish up Christmas shopping and got to a second hand bookstore I've heard a lot about. So, the mall and a new bookstore and a cafe and bakery. Sounds like a kick ass day. Hope it turns out as well for real as it is in my imagination. :P

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!


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Oh knit picks, will you run away with me?

I got my knit picks order yesterday! Oh joy of joys. Their needle set is freaking awesome. It's so so so much better than the boye needle master system. I'm going to write a full review, but one of the most striking things to me is that it even feels like high quality, great materials, all that. But it's ten dollars less than the Boye system. Highly recommended.

I have to make an order at overstock today for one of Ben's christmas presents. And I'll have to decide whether the other things that are for me that crept into the basket are going to stay on the order. I think I'll at least keep The Muppet Christmas Carol dvd in there. I love that movie so bad.

I've been working on Christmas decorating today. I've got everything done but the ornaments on the tree. That's no fun to do alone. That's one good thing about only having three boxes of Christmas stuff... it's totally easy to decorate. I do have to pack up all the regular stuff I took down to have places for the Christmas stuff, but that's a five minute job. And then all the boxes can go back to the garage till we get home again.

I put our stuff snowman guy who's dressed as a burglar in our bed on Ben's side. I'll have to take pictures to explain how this is really hilarious.

I think I'll be able to finish the first sock of the pair this afternoon. So, that's pretty good sock speed. Hopefully, I can go as quickly on the second.

The baby layette is just about finished. I've been working on the blanket when Ben's home and I can't work on his sock. The blanket is a crocheted ripple pattern, and I finished the sweater, booties, and hat over Thanksgiving weekend. So that'll be set to go to church any time now. I have about ten inches left to do in the blanket, I think.

I've also been working on some other random projects here and there, and as soon as I figure out the picture problems, I'll get that stuff posted too.

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Working on self awareness

Okay, sometimes I meet people or read blogs or whatever of people who are completely unaware of what they're really like. Like they proclaim great things about themselves that are pretty much the complete opposite of the truth. I assume that these people are unaware of how deluded they are, so I think, Oh God, what if I'm nothing like I think I am?

So, in an effort to be more self aware, I will now face up to a list of bad things I am:

  • I am posessive. If you don't like that, you shouldn't date me. Well, that's a non issue, but you know.
  • I talk too much a lot of the time. And fast. And loud. And not in what I can pretend is an enduring way like the Gilmore Girls.
  • I laugh at my own jokes. I seriously think that I am freaking hilarious.
  • My period turns me into a monster of emotion and junk food eating.
  • I have very little will power or self control when it comes to food.
  • I'm kind of controlling and anal retentive about cleaning and things like that, and yet I can ignore my own messes for weeks at a time.

So, those are some of my bad qualities. This is really just an exercise in acknowledging the truth about all aspects of my personality, because I have a major fear that I'm going to end up walking around acting like a complete bitch, but thinking that I'm just the awesomest if I don't practice some self honesty.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Stop pressuring me, blogger

Every time I come to post in my blog, blogger tries to get me to change to some new thing it's got going with google or something. Well, you know what blogger? I don't like change. New things probably aren't better. And I'll keep saying no until you make me say yes.

I've started the heel on Ben's first Christmas sock. And I suppose it's a good thing he never reads my blog, or that surprise would be a bust. Oh, and they're not really gonna be "Christmas socks", they're really grey tweed. They're just for Christmas.

Okay, the package tracker thing is torturing me. But as far as I can figure my knit picks needles will be here today at some point. I mean, the thing said they left the sortation center (he he he, sortation) in phoenix at 4am this morning. Where else could they go from there, but here? If they go somewhere else in between, I'm going to be mad. It's bad enough that they've been in Phoenix since Friday night and they're just now moving again. Maybe I just just pretend package tracking doesn't exist.

Ben joined the Knights of Columbus. He can't tell me their secrets. That's maybe a tad weird.

I smell like a cookie. I switched lotion from night blooming jasmine to warm vanilla sugar. I'm making me hungry just smelling me.

Pictures later. Probably. I'm having serious issues with blogger's picture hosting, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post them. I guess I might have to just download a new ftp so I can host on cox. Anyone know a good free one?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I'm going to murder Pickles. She keeps peeing on anything she finds on the floor in our room. Even though there's a litter box two feet away. And one in the bathroom. Bad cat.

According to the tracking number, my knitpicks order (that I'm super crazy fun time excited about) is now at the Sortation Center. Doesn't is seem like sortation is a made up word the likes of which you hardly see?

Leftover garlic cheesey mashed potatoes warming for breakfast. Oh yeah.

We went to check out the new Sanrio/Morning Glory gift store in the plaza with the Asian market on Sunday. It's a super cool store. I got cute green and brown stationery and Choco-Cat post-it's and these cute little origami things that fold up to make adorable little three-d stars. It took us forever to figure out the folding though. We're slow sometimes. Once we figured it out though, it was addictive. I want to go back and get cranes.

Thanksgiving was cool. All the food was really good. Ben made all the leftovers into Pasties. Freak.

Work was good yesterday, but I starting to run out of things to do. When there's no one there, I'm supposed to do clerical type things, like catching up on files that need attention and such. But I must be more effecient than supposed, because I seem to be finishing all that pretty quickly. Oh well, I'll figure out something to keep me busy.

I need to do a post with pictures soon. I have a ton of finished projects to show off. And today I'm going to start on Ben's christmas present. Well, I hope to do that anyway, between scrubbing cat pee in the closet and doing lots of laundry. But that won't be too hard, and then I'll get to enjoy my day off.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i'm posting from my phone today, because i'm not home and i wanted to see if it'd work. we had a nice weekend, the big dinner turned out tasty.

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You have new Picture Mail!

Me at work.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

You're breakin' my balls here

So, yesterday I bullied the Papa John's guy into letting us have our pizza all for free. It was supposed to be pick up, but they sent it delivery, so we had to go back home at wait for it. And it got here all cold and wrong, and then the delivery guy couldn't take our card to pay for it. So when he called his manager, I talked to him, and told him, I can send the whole order back with the guy right now, or you can just let us have it. So he let us keep it for free. And good thing, or I would have been mad about it not being very good, lol.

Work is going okay. It's really slow on the days I work, but as long as they always have other stuff for me to do, I don't think I'll mind. But if I run out of other stuff, I might have to ask them if they mind if I read. But it is cool to get paid for working out.

Ben and I got all the fixin's for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty excited about that, it's going to be fun. Last year was really cool, one of the best Thanksgivings ever, so I hope this year is as nice.

Christmas shopping is a bit of a pain this year. Most of the people that I have great ideas for presents, I don't have to get them one, and the people I do have to buy for, I mostly have no idea what they like or what to get them. Poo.

But it'll be fun to shop for Ben, I think.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So.... nothing.

My first shift by myself at work went pretty well yesterday. It was pretty slow, and I was concerned I'd get bored and it would seem endless, but it wasn't bad at all, so that was cool.

I'm going to go right after this to get my workout done, so then I'll have it out of the way. I'm not even going to shower first, I'm going all smelly, and then I'll shower off the extra work out smell, plus the original smells when I get home. Then later, I might head to walmart to get more black simply soft so I can finish the last few rows of Greg's hat.

Adam liked his hat and scarf. And he might eventually take a picture of himself in it and put it on his blog. Or I will take his picture when I'm home in Dec. Just to torture him.

I'm planning on starting a baby sweater to donate to the Gifts for Baby Jesus at church at Christmas. Well, by then it'll be a whole layette, but for now, I'm starting the sweater. The Gifts for Baby Jesus actually go to the home for crisis pregnancy moms and babies. I don't remember right now what the name is, but the gist of the charity is it helps moms keep their babies who need help with a place to stay and a job or job training. A slightly selfish charity gesture on my part though, because I just want to make cute small baby things, and this gives me an excuse.

Okay, I can't put it off any longer, I've got to go exercise now.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm a great plumber... I even have the butt crack going on at times.

So today I saved us a couple hundred dollars. The disposal was backing up, so instead of calling the plumber, I took the pipes apart under the sink and cleaned out the clog. It's all put back together now, and it's not even leaking. I have to say, I'm impressed with myself. So that's me, all proud.

Donna wants to know where I hid my ass in the shot of me and Adam's scarf. I've got mad standing skillz. But it's not like everyone doesn't know Beppy's got back.

I've been trying to get the house cleaned up all the way today. It's not been too bad so far, but I feel like I'm behind on a ton of things. But I did take out all the trash, fix the sink, do two loads of laundry and clean off the stove and the counter. Now I've got to do the dishes, clean up the living room, and bake cookies to take for the OCIA class tonight. I've got gingerbread dough in the fridge still, so I'm going to do gingerbread, and if there's not enough for all that, then also oatmeal, I think.

I'm almost finished with another hat for Greggy. The first one came out a little wrong, but he was nice about it. But I figured that he'd like a better hat, um, better. I may have to get another skien of black simply soft to finish it off, but that's cool, because it's inexpensive and very nice yarn to have around. It's what I used for that latest scarf of Adam's and his hat.

Okay, boring blog today, but I've been wanting to update more so that's what I get. :D

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Friday, November 10, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

The stage

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm the girl with the... well, you know what kind of eyes I got

Yep, you guessed right. Last night we went to a Stones concert. I'm never going to make fun of them for being old again. Mick Jagger's got more energy than I will ever have. It was a pretty awesome show. I really enjoyed it. And I didn't get jumped for wearing my KISS shirt.

The people right in front of us were passing around a joint. I thought that was made up, I didn't know people really did that at concerts. Anyway, the guy was crazy so I didn't ask for a hit. :) But you were right Adam, I could have.

Today I'm on my first time on my regular afternoon shift. And right from there I'll be headed to church to help with the dinner thing. I finished a hat to match Adam's scarf yesterday and this morning. I think it's pretty cute. Pictures later, after I'm dressed. Well, I'm not naked, just not picture ready.

I have to find some time to bake a bunch of crap for the bake sale too. I think I might do all my baking tomorrow morning, and then head over for working the sale in the afternoon. I'm not sure how it'll work. But I'm pretty sure the ladies will pretend they don't know me, because they haven't seen me for two days.

Okay, I've got to rush to get ready and clean the house before I go.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

two weeks worth of baking pics

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Change Stations Now

My first week went pretty well. I just have to get more comfortable remembering all the stuff that I'm supposed to say when I'm doing the selling bits. The other stuff is cool. I think I even remember all the names of the machines now too.

I got hooked on this riddle game:
It's actually really cool. I had to get Adam and Ben to help on some of the levels, but I'm on 24 now.

I've been busy this past week, with training for work and helping with the thing at church. I took the weekend off from that, which I'm sure hasn't made me super popular with the ladies, but I feel like Ben and I haven't gotten much time together, so I wanted to do an all Ben and me weekend.

We bought our tickets for Christmas. We're going to be in MI from the 20th to the 30th. Cool.

I made some gingerbread cookie dough, it's resting in the fridge right now. I thought it would be fun to cut some fall ones out to send to work with Ben. I've never eaten it before either, so I wanted to taste some. Though, I wouldn't have started if I'd known that one batch takes a whole jar of molasses. But it's a huge amount of dough, so I'll probably freeze most of it for cookies for the bake sale next week.

We're probably going to do some Christmas shopping and stuff like that today. The rest of this week is going to be even busier than last week because of the sale being next weekend and all. And Ben's going with the KofC to help sell concessions at the ASU game, so next weekend is going to be full.

Adam's scarf is almost finished. Hopefully, pics this week.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

I got a job!

So, when I went to Curves on Thursday to work out, the lady who's usually there in the morning asked me if I was looking for a job at all. She said they needed someone for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I said that sounded great, because I've been keeping my eyes open for a job that's only a few hours a week. So, she introduced me to the lady in charge and we set up an interview. Yesterday was the interview, and she hired me right there.

It's going to be a great job, I think. I'll have to be cpr certified, but they'll pay for all that, which is cool. It's only eleven hours a week, so that's awesome. But just about the best part is:
Free Membership! So I don't have to pay the $39 a month to exercise. In fact, they encourage us to exercise During Our Shifts. That's so cool.

Anyway, that's the big new thing going on with me.

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I tried

I made these the other day. I wanted to post them then, but blogger's picture thing wasn't working. I guess even my underwear don't have the power to win the world series.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Rachael Ray

Yesterday, Ben and I went to the mall in Tempe, where Rachael Ray was making an appearance. It was really crowded and reminded me that I can't stand people, but I did get to see her up close and that was totally cool. She signed the pictures we have from FHM from a few years ago. I told her we hang them on the fridge and that my husband just loves her, and she said, "That's hilarious. My husband really loves these pictures too." And Ben took a few pictures of her. We didn't get any that turned out really well, but here's some of the better ones.

Here she is when she first came out, talking to the very annoying local news personality.

Here's one Ben took as she was walking out. She was very nice and tried to talk to as many people and sign as many things as she could.

Other news: I've been going to the Curves. I joined last Monday, and I did four days last week. I went today too. My goal for each week is four times.

The pain is better, and they don't really know what it was. I'm going back to see the dr. on Friday morning, but I think it'll probably be one of those, if it comes back, let us know, type of things. But I've been feeling really great lately, so hopefully it won't come back.

I've been helping with the boutique at church lately. Last week I put together a bunch of bookends for the sale, and this past weekend, I helped sell the raffle tickets for the big prize baskets. They sure have some really great prizes and baskets and stuff. Maybe I'll get some pictures of all the baskets and things next weekend, and I can post them.

I've been totally liking Heroes. Anyone else?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I rode my bike all over the place yesterday. I'm really glad that it's finally getting not completely gross outside. I even have the windows open today. So anyway, I rode to the Urgent Care clinic and picked up my ultrasound to take with me to the regular dr on friday. And I went to the library and read Cat Fancy. And rode back home, but had to go about a mile out of the way because of construction. Well, at least a half mile.

I love to ride my bike and it's cool to be able to get places on it, as opposed to at home growing up where the only thing within three miles is Teeters. Not that Teeters isn't rockin'. Anyway, it was great riding my bike and getting outside, but dude, I hate traffic. It makes me so nervous to be on a two foot wide sidewalk with the traffic going by right next to me. I usually try to avoid the busy streets like that one, but I wanted KFC for lunch, so I went up the one with the dangerous sidewalks. I don't want to do that again, so that should keep me away from KFC.

Okay, Cat Fancy. Another thing I kind of like that I should be embarassed to admit I like. But it's kinda neat. And it's like, you're not alone, there are other people who are as weird about cats as you are. There's always at least one article that makes me tear up. But it's hilarious too. I mean, they even have a breed of the month kitty centerfold. That's just freaky. I guess it's one of those magazines that I'd never actually buy, but I read every chance I get.

Also, what happened to being quiet in the library? Why is it now okay to go aroud talking normally-loudly? And not making children whisper? This woman walked by me talking very loudly to her friend about how she hadn't been in a library for sooo long, and isn't it strange how she never comes here, and she always goes to Barnes and Noble instead. I almost turned and said, "I can tell you haven't been to libraries in a while, you forgot about the quiet rule." But then I realized that while I can be completely rude in my head, I'd better try to stop myself before I let it out in public. I'm not good at mean.

The other day on Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, Dave Lieberman made falafel balls. I never knew falafel was chickpeas. I thought it was that gross gyro meat. I got those two confused I guess. Anyway, since then, I've completely been wanting to make falafel balls. And this neato salad he made with bulgar wheat. I wonder if I'll actually like this stuff, or if tv has mislead me.

Today I'm going to make some bread. We've been out all week, and I don't like not having bread. I mean, what's a better snack than toast with peanutbutter? And without bread, no toast. Anyway, I always use the neato bread maker to make bread, so it's practically like instant bread. Well, it takes three hours, but you don't have to do anything so kinda instant. Just like I consider slowcookers to be fast food. Is that an oxymoron? Anyone want to check with Mr. Pryce for me?

Projects? Doesn't she ever finish anything? Well, you may ask. No. No, I don't. I seem to be in a black hole of projects at the moment. I've been working on the mobius scarf, and it's coming along. Depending on how much knitting I do, might finish it today or tomorrow. The blue t-shirt is still waiting to be adjusted. I'm not quite sure what to do to make it fit, so I've been avoiding it. But maybe I'll just make a stab at it later. And the I have to do the trim. Also, it's long sleeved, and I won't need that for another month or two, so I'm not in a huge hurry for it. The other shirt that I took apart is all ironed smooth and marked, so I should get going on that soon too. I've got that nice bright green for that one. It's a button up sleeveless shirt. I'm still working on how to finish the armholes for that one, but first it guess I'd better make sure the fit translates well.

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Monday, October 09, 2006


I went this morning to the Curves to sign up. I'm very excited about it. And it's really only a mile away, and I'm a wimp for thinking it's too far. :) I didn't actually sign up today because there's going to be a promotion next week so they waive the signup fee, so I have an appt to go sign up Monday morning. Awesome.

The urgent care clinic says my ultrasound came back negative for cysts. Which seems odd considering I know I have cysts. Maybe they were hiding. Anyway, that means what I thought were cysts were actually my ovaries. Duh. Good thing I'm not the ultrasound technician. I've got an appt with my regular dr on Friday to discuss all this. I've been feeling better, but not 100%. I have stopped taking that gross pain killer. It was making me a zombie. Brains.

I'm crazy happy about the weather not being deadly anymore. It's still hot. Like way hotter than I'd choose. But beggers who live in the desert can't be choosers. It makes it way better for getting out and riding my bike places.

I've got a shirt all taken apart that I want to try to make a new one out of. It's all ready to get cut out, but I'm not sure if I'm in a sewing mood today or not. I do have some pictures to hang that have been just sitting, forlorn and lonely waiting to get framed and hung. Maybe I should take care of that instead.

Food diary. Yuck.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

I had my ultrasound yesterday. I haven't heard from the dr yet about what's going on. I could see the cysts on the screen, but it's not like I can tell what they're doing or anything. I think one had a party hat on though.

I finished Ben's sweater a second time yesterday. This time, I was so confident, I adding the neck ribbing. He tried it on. It doesn't fit. Again. This time it's too binding. So, I think I'm going to go a needle size down, and follow the original instructions for the shaping and see if that'll work. Everyone knows that the third time is always just right. So that means I have to go buy a size 8 circular needle before I can try again. In the meantime I started a mobius necklet thing from some chocolatey colored knit picks Elegance. I think it's turning out nicely, and it's a very basic lace pattern, so that's fun to try. I might finish that today.

My house is a mess. I haven't been feeling well enough to do housework and stuff lately. And Ben is great about trying to help, but he doesn't do stuff unless I ask, and I don't like telling him what to do. It seems bossy. I do wonder why he doesn't know what has to be done without me telling him... like he doesn't notice the mess, I guess. Anyway, I'm going to do things a little at a time today and see if I can't get the little messes here and there cleared up and things looking good again for the weekend.

Today is a stormy rainy day. Very nice for curling up with a book later.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Lizard Video

Just an experiment with video. Though the lizard is kinda cute if you watch it. He does push-ups at one point.
Get this video and more at

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's my cysts

I went to Urgent Care yesterday, because I figured a week long stomach ache needs some kind of medical attention. The Dr. seemed pretty sure that it was my polycystic ovarian crap that's somehow causing the giant abdominal pains. I have to go in on Thursday for an ultrasound. In the mean time, I plan to nap, because the painkiller he prescribed makes me sleepy. Yes, a very sleepy, cysty panda. That's me.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

Ben at work.

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Cookies As Far As the Eye Can See

I got to bake a ton of cookies this morning. I've volunteered to bake cookies for the church to serve at the OCIA meetings this year. I won't do this every monday, but it should be a few times through the winter. This time I made peanutbutter cookies and oatmeal cookies. I think there will be a few leftover for us to have too of course.

I haven't been feeling well for about a week now. I've got some sort of digestive problems going on. I think I'm going to have to see the dr. about it today. It's just not normal to have such cramps and nausea for a whole week. Well, at least not while I'm not having my period anyway.

No sewing today, I think. It's going to be a full day what with the baking and if I do end up going to the doctor. Tomorrow though, I have a circle skirt to experiment with, and my blue t-shirt to try to adjust and finish.

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Shelf Butt Is Better Than Yours

I got my room all cleaned up. Well, not entirely, but I'm not counting the desk because I don't use it while I sew. Anyway, the desk is pretty much all that's messy now. Though after cleaning and taking care of months of stuff that got set on my sewing table because there didn't seem to be a better place for it, I started messing it right back up again.

I worked on a few different projects yesterday. I started a light blue long sleeved shirt cut from the pattern I made by tracing a shirt I got at Torrid. I just have to finish the neckline and the sleeves, but it's pretty cute. I do have to take in under the arms and on the sleeves a little. It's weird to me that a pattern from a shirt that fits so cute can turn out so differently just depending on the fabric.

I also experimented with a circle skirt a little. The fabric was not very wide, so the resulting skirt is crazy short, but it wasn't for wearing anyway. It was more just to experiment with the formula. I'll have to head to the goodwill sometime soon and see if I can't find a sheet that wouldn't rather be a circle skirt. I'm thinking with at least one petticoat layer and fishline ruffling with the serger for the hems.

I've been taking apart a shirt to use as a pattern. It's a really cute princess seamed button down sleeveless blouse with a collar, but it got stained beyond wearing because it's white, so I started seam ripping. I've got the perfect material to try it out in first of all. It's a bright green sheet I got at the goodwill a few months ago. I'd like to add puffed sleeves to it, but I'm unsure about drafing my own sleeve pattern from scratch. Not to mention sleeveless is really the most usefull style for me living here.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, which seems pretty good to me. We've been too busy and going places lately. So it's cool to have time to just sort of hang now.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

201 posts in just under two years. A blog milestone.

So, one of the bad things about being in charge of your own house is that you get to decide what to clean and what to ignore. And when you ignore a mess situation for too long, you end up ignoring it even more fiercely, so as not to have to deal with the ever-growing mess. The point? I've been yelling at myself lately, "You get in there and clean up that room, young lady!" My sewing room is a disaster. It hasn't been properly cleaned since the marathon sewing of my dress for Julie's wedding. I keep working around the messes and that compounds them. BUT! I have a goal for today, and that is to get my sewing room back into working order and actually find places for all the crap that's sitting around and doesn't have a place to belong yet. I have a very long book on CD and a mission. I'll let you know if I make it out alive.

The post with Columbo in the sink was my 200th post on this blog. For some reason, I think that's kinda neat.

Today is also baking day, but I don't have anything in particular in mind that I want to make. I just want to bake something. And Ben always takes most of it into work with him on Friday, so it doesn't matter if I shouldn't eat it or not. I'm thinking a nice cake. White with buttercream icing. That's my favorite, and I haven't done cake in a while.

Anyway, I'm tackling a terrible mess today. Be proud.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kitty Cat Picture of the Day

He just likes to be in weird places.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I just love my house

So, we're back home again. We had a big day in Whale's Vagina (San Diego) on Sunday. We went to Balboa Park and SeaPort Village, and Toured a historical mansion in Balboa Park, and went to Old Town and had lunch, and walked around, and stopped by the church, and saw a really funny play called Forbidden Broadway SVU, and shopped a little, and had dinner with the guy Ben was there to train, Dave, and his fiance. So it was a cool day. And yesterday I just relaxed at the Borders, which is just about one of my favorite things to do, and then we drove back home. So it was a nice little trip, but it's always good to get back to the house and get things back to normal.

I've decided that I want to make a skirt to wear with a crinoline like the costumes that the girls at Disneyland wear. And the crinoline. Yes, I know, crazy. But I think it would be really cute with a shimmery kind of knit shell to wear for Christmas time. Like the Alice in Wonderland crinoline here. But a color to match the skirt. And just a skirt, not a whole little cutesy dress.

I started a double knit hat for Ron because he's cold all the time, and I wanted something simpler for the car ride than Ben's sweater. I started out in the round, but my hands wouldn't get used to the pattern changing every other round. I usually wouldn't mind that, but it was slowing me down and this is supposed to be a quick(ish) project. So I switched to flat and will just seam it when it's finished. I think that'll work okay. He's just going to wear it in the cow barn anyway, so I'd better not spend too much time on it, or it'll bother me to see it smelling like manure.

I'm going back to Ben's sweater now though. I'm hoping to get it finished at some point this week. I'm not sure why I seem to be working so slowly lately, but it's starting to bug me a lot.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

I watch Celebrity Duets

Yes, I know it's a pretty lame show. But I can justify it with just two words:

Hal Sparks
He is so yummy, I could just swallow him whole.
I mean, last night he had on eye liner. Frickin' eye liner for God's sake. Could anything be sexier on a boy than eye liner?
I even like his vests.

And no comments telling me I have bad taste. Yes, I think people are sexy that no one else does. People like the guy who plays Grissom on CSI. And Matthew Perry. I know already that everyone else thinks I have bad taste. But it's my blog and Hal Sparks is the flavor of the day.

He's so going on my list. Ben and I keep lists of people we get to hook up with without it counting as cheating, just in case we ever in a million years get the chance. At the moment, his is Tyra Banks, and maybe Nadia Bjorlin, but that was a while ago, so it might have changed, I'm not sure.

Anyway, other than lusting after a not so famous comedian turned amateur singer, I haven't been up to much. I'm feeling better than I was earlier in the week. I think that my sore throat, feeling sick stuff is connected to my period. This is the fourth month that it's coincided. It just seems so crazy to me that a period could make a person have a cold.

Yesterday, I baked an apple pie. And since I had a whole crust leftover, I made coconut cream pie too. And because I'm crazy I also made corn muffins. Actually, I'm surprised I'm not more tired today than I am, because I rode my bike to the store and did a bunch of grocery shopping too. But I'm feeling pretty great today, and I did all my regular Friday cleaning as well this morning. I think it definately counts as exercise at least a little to vaccum and sweep and mop and pick up stuff, and dust all over. But then again, pretty much, if it makes me sweat, I want to count it as exercise.

Ben and I are going to San Diego this weekend. We haven't decided yet what we want to do. He has to work on Monday, which is why we're going, but we're leaving tomorrow so we have all of Sunday to do something together. On Monday, I'll probably walk down to Sea Port village and shop. Or maybe just hang around doing nothing much.

I've been working on Ben's sweater. It's coming together okay this time, I think. But I am concerned that I used needles that are too big. Crocheting got me liking a kinda loose gauge because crocheted fabric can be so stiff if the hook isn't a little large for the yarn, but that's just a bad habit in knitting because loose knitting looks holey. It wasn't too loose at the beginning though, so I also think it might be the weight of the sweater changing the gauge on me now. I guess I'm compensating enough to make it work out. I hope so, because otherwise, I might have to take all of it out and start right from the beginning with a smaller needle. Or I could just do from the arm holes up with a smaller needle. I wonder if that would work.

I think SWTC discontinued this Optimum wool that I'm using for the sweater, and if they did, that's a VERY good thing. It's soft and nice and pretty, but really, it pretty much sucks in other aspects of quality. Like with eight knots in a single skein. Or the thickness and appearance of the yarn changing drastically from one yard to the next. Definately not worth the 25 dollars a skein they were trying to sell it for. Not terrible for how much I paid though. Still, I think Knit Picks has a way better quality with most of the stuff I've seen for a way more affordable price. But maybe SWTC couldn't fix the problems and so discontinued instead of sell inferior yarn. I can admire that.

I've been updating my site a little better. I finally hit $100 with my Google ads. Only ten months... Rock. But I realized that my site doesn't show up on the google searches very well, when it used to be showing on the first page. I think that's because I haven't been updating regularly. So I'm going to try a little updating every day and see if that doesn't help it out a little.

I also reopened my Cafe Press store. It's not much at the moment, but I'm working on some new things. I reopened because I was telling Adam about it (why I didn't tell him about it ages ago, I don't know... it's right up his alley.) and I started playing around making stuff. I don't know, but I think I'm going to add more stuff eventually. Maybe just to buy myself, because I can't seem to get designs onto shirts very well with the different diy methods.

Beppy Out. *

*Seriously, I promise, I know how dorky that is.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

and they let children shop here

This is an honest to goodness real display of humming bird feeders at the grocery store.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

I've got death flu...

... or some such sickness.

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat and achey everything's. And swollen glands, I think. Anyway, general sickness that I brought home from Michigan with me.

But that's almost the only thing I broght home from MI with me, so I think that I did better than I usually do when it comes to shopping sprees that involve getting everything back on a plane with me. I usually need an extra suitcase.

So, the service was nice, I really wish I could have known Ben's grandma when she was able to talk and stuff. I think maybe we might have gotten along well. I can't be sure that we would have, but I know that some day I'll meet her and find out.

There was tons of great food as usual. Though I really have to admit that the whole grilling and eating dinner at ten o clock at night was major overkill. Major overkill. But that was made up for by some killer guacamole and yummy desserts.

It was really cool to meet Ben's Aunt Vi and be able to visit some with his Uncle Bill and Uncle John. Those are relatives that I haven't seen much of since we've been married, and it's cool to spend time with the entire group.

I worked on a knee sock while I was gone. I'm using the pattern in the fall vogue knitting for the embroidered socks in Cascade Fixation in a light purple. It will probably involve a pink cuff as well. I don't know if I'll do the embroidery or not. I went the sock route because Ben's sweater was just way too big to haul around. But I'm getting back to the sweater today and putting the rest on hold.

I also made a hat for Greg. Because he has a very large head. And all hats sit on top of his head, and won't go around it. So I made it to fit him, and it did, and all was good. I might use the leftovers of that yarn to do a hat for Adam. And it's been requested that I make a very thick hat for my very cold cousin Ron.

So, I got up this morning and made Ben's coffee and then got directly into the shower, got dressed, took out the trash and put away the dishes. I used my mometum and pretty much finished the only stuff I'm going to get finished today. Other than setting up a crock pot of pear butter to cook so the pears don't go to waste and knitting. Maybe I'll even finish Ben's sweater. Though I am getting concerned that that's not possible somehow.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

My sister in law

A wild night at pizza hut!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stitch and Pitch

So the baseball game on Saturday night was lots of fun. I think the best part was seeing all the different people all just knitting along. And the ball game part was okay too.

I met Pam from Hip Hip Crochet and Stephanie from Half Baked, so that was cool too.

Here I am in my new D-Backs shirt. I didn't have anything diamond backs to wear, so I went to goodwill and found a plain tshirt and then used another tshirt in teal to make the little contrasting bits and made it into a vneck. I think it turned out pretty cute for an hour long project.

I'm not going to be around for a week or so, Ben's grandma passed away, so we'll be going to MI to attend the funeral.

That's why I'm up at three f-in' thirty in the morning, so we can go to the airport. Except, of course, my flight doesn't leave till 8:30. Ben's going to St. Louis so his flight's at 6:10, that's why I have to get up so early. I think I'm going to find out this morning if it's possible to throw up just from being sooo sleepy.

Anyway, I'll be the strange girl sleeping on the floor of the terminal.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Like My New Kate Spade?

Yes, I know. Shh.*

*Actually, I have to say, I would usually never buy a fake because I can't support intelectual property theft. And also because the sale of them generally profits gangs and terrorist groups.* But this one doesn't count in that because it came from Goodwill. And I support buying just about anything at Goodwill because it provides for their great services and promotes a culture of recyling instead of considering everything to be disposable goods. Buying fakes third or fourth party only profits the thrift store, and it's a darn cute bag*.

*We'll leave the reasons I'd probably never buy a real one for a different day.

*A darn cute bag.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Row gauge can bite me

So I finished Ben's sweater, but by the time I finished all the neckline shaping and the raglan shaping, the v-neck was so deep that it went to his belly. I even had already adjusted the pattern once to have way fewer rows than was called for. I've taken it out, and redone my math, so I'm going to hope that this time it comes out more like a normal v-neck instead of a sexy beast Jack Tripper's friend Larry v-neck.

We had a good weekend. We did lots of yard work. We pulled weeds and dug out all the weeds and dirt by the back gate that were keeping it from opening well. I painted the gate too. But I'm an idiot who thinks she don't need no stinking safety mask. So I ended up with blue boogers. Next coat, I'll definately be wearing the safety mask.

We bought the Girls Next Door season one dvd. Add that to the list of things I shoud probably be embarrassed to be really into but am totally into nonetheless. I mean, they're just so pretty. And live such fun lives. And have cute pets. Bridget is our favorite, Ben and I both agree on that one. My favorite episode is the one where they give Bridget's sister a makeover and she goes and gets waxed. I so want to do that, but I'm scared it will hurt a ton.

On Tuesday night we met with the man about our convalidation/sacramental marriage stuff. There's tons of classes and things that have to be taken care of, but we've got plenty of time to get it done. And we gave him our deposit, so we should have the church for May 11th. Tonight we're starting on the different requirements by going and doing the FOCUS test, which, as far as I know, is like a personality profile type thing that is based on communication styles that you both take, and then later see a counselor to compare how you work together. Pretty much. But the most important question of all: What will we wear to the wedding?

I'm weak. I started spinning. When I was home in July, my mom was brushing her sheltie, and I was thinking, wouldn't it be great to know how to spin so I could make that into yarn for her, and then she could have a nice warm whatever to remember Daffey by. I mean in the future after she's gone. And in the meantime, just because it would be neat. Anyway, I've been trying to resist the urge since then, but I just couldn't anymore and made myself a cd drop spindle. And got some roving to practice with. I have to admit, I'm not so sure I like using the wool, it seems too sticky together. But that might be becuase the very first thing I used was angora, so I got a little used to it. I couldn't bring myself to keep practicing on the angora though, because I have to save that till I'm good at it. Maybe mix it in with the doggie fur. Anyway, all I've done so far are some boring gray singles that have no uniform thickness at all.

I'm excited about stitch n pitch this weekend. I'm going to be there, I just don't know what project I'll be taking with me to work on. I think it's going to be lots of fun, and it'll be so cool to see all the knitters take over chase field. I think they put us all behind home plate because they're afraid we'll get hit by the balls anywhere else.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

He was bothering me.

Smudge looks even better than pickles did.

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Yay! Pictures! Real Pictures!

Here's the baby sweater out of Simply Stripes from KnitPicks. Just something to have going on that can go places, since it's so small. I keep it in my purse for waiting knitting. It's a lot farther along now, it's got one sleeve the other sleeve is about half way up. So I'll be able to start the raglan-ing on this one soon too.

Here's the start of my Samus It's on pause while I work on Ben's sweater. Turns out I like a lot of mindless stockinette. It works for my lifestyle, cause I can't talk or have the tv on while working on the cables. So, though it's very pretty, Samus is going to be a slow mover.

Ignore that I look completely high. I just had to show off the miracle that is my hair this morning. I literally gasped when I turned and looked in the mirror after I finished the whole flip and spray thing. Really, the most miraculous thing about this is that it took, like, ten minutes. Talk about a good hair day. I think I'll have to make Ben take me out so I can show off my hair. If it doesn't all go kaput ten minutes from now.

I've been working alot on Ben's sweater, I've almost got the second sleeve to the point of adding it into the rest of the sweater, so I should have what resembles a sweater quite strongly by tonight.

I got a ton of stuff at the last day of the Craftmart going out of business sale. That was the picture a few posts ago that just said $8. Because that's all I paid for all that stuff. Only $8. I'm going to be putting the yarn onto ebay. There wasn't a lot of time to look closely and decide about stuff, and they kept their yarn in plastic, so when I thought I was picking up 16 skeins of softly halo-ed yarn, I ended up with sixteen skeins of eyelash. Eyelash yarn that retails for $20 a ball. So it's going to get auctioned.

Um... what else?

Why is it that twice a week, I can wrap up the vaccum cord and it ends and clips in the same position on the wrap every time, and for some reason, today, it goes to the top of the wrap where it's all piled and there's no room to clip it. Annoying.

Also, yay for the coming three day weekend. Have good end of summer blow outs. And feel sorry for me, because summer won't be ending here for another two months.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

A sleeve

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Monday, August 28, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

The sweater continues. 12 inches or so right now.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

A sweater for ben. I can only post pictures with my phone for now.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

$440 worth of yarn for $90

I think I'm in love.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

pictures... oh why?

Okay, so blogger is having a hard time just putting my pictures in my blog. It does all the stuff and it thinks the pictures are there, but they are not. Reasons why?

Anyway, if you want to see Julie's wedding pictures, there is a whole page of the official ones at here. You can see my dress in it's natural habitat.

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Yes, I did.

No, I'm not proud.

Well, not very.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby, I could drive your car

Yesterday I drove all the way to church and back again with no incident. I know that doesn't sound impressive, but I even did it the way a normal person would, and not the way a person scared of left turns would. So, the point is.... I'm not completely scared to drive anymore. I mean, yeah, scared, but not COMPLETELY. I've been driving other places this week too. Well, I've been practicing driving every once in a while for months, so I guess it's about time that it quit terrifying me. Next, the mall!

It turns out that a lot of the time I need to have a simple portable project that is easy to do without thinking, so I started a cute little boy sweater in Knit Picks Simple Stripes. It doesn't have a recipient yet, but it'll be good to keep around. We'll see how big it turns out to be. It's a bottom up raglan in the round on size two needles, so it'll be a longer type project, even though it's mostly just stockinette. I'm still working on the cables, but I have to be alone and have quiet to keep track of the chart. It's definately not something to take out to work on during bowling or something. Hence the small gauge sweater to give me mindless stockinette for when we watch tv or go bowling or in the car.

The pool is 82 degrees right now. It's so gross to get into if you just go outside and get in. Like a bath. But, I figured out a plan. If I go out and pull weeds for about ten minutes, I'm dripping sweat and completely hot. Then when I get into the pool, it actually feels good. Pretty good plan, huh? The pool is nicer to get into and the yard will stay much cleaner. And I'm certainly counting the weed pulling as exercise.

Okay, so my blog has gotten boring. I just haven't been posting pictures. I just tried to put some up of Julie's wedding, but they're too big, and I'm just not patient enough to sit here and resize them right now. So tomorrow, I will do that and get some pictures up. And hopefully some pics of my knitting wips too.

The oldies station is playing some sort of Beatles b-sides marathon right now. It's odd. Well, I suppose what's odd is that this is about the sixth Beatles song in a row playing right now, and I just now noticed that it was like, a theme. Even though I knew the other five songs too. Sometimes I'm dumb.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

How's that for cute?

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking for a slacker job

I called about a crossing gaurd job at the elementary school across the block. I'm pretty sure they filled it, as they haven't called back and it's not on the sign anymore. I emailed about a data entry job listed in the Chandler Connection, but heard back today that I wasn't fast enough, along with about 30 other people on the CC list. I talked to a woman about an at home receptionist job, but it was filled before I got back home again.

Sounds like I'm complaining? I know it sounds that way, but I'm not. I'm actually pretty grateful that I don't really have to have a job, so I can wait around looking for these slackerish, two hour a day jobs. All I have to do is get one. And I'm heartened by the amount of them available actually. Seems like they wouldn't even exist.

We had a Rocky marathon this past weekend. And we watched Die Hard this week. (I was in the mood for a Christmas movie.) Ever since Ben realized that I kind of like action movies, it's been hard to get him to agree to much else. Besides horror. And I just cannot watch horror movies within a month of having to be home alone over night, and he's got some traveling coming up. Yes, I'm that suseptible to suggestion. Horror movies get me every time. Even when they're not scary.

I'm mad at seaming. I can see why knitters avoid finishing. Okay, actually, seaming it's self is not hard. I don't mind it. It's more the fact that I accidentally made the front of the shapely tank longer than the back is, and that's making it really hard to sew the side seams. And I eased too much. Twice. So I have it hidden next to the couch where I won't have to look at it. But I know it's there, and that I have to finish it. But before I can I have to take out the seam. Again. I should make it a rule that I have to finish it before I cast on for something else. But I already have cast on for something else. Samus In bright green Simply Soft. I'm a little concerned that will make it a monstrosity. And I'm a little concerned that that particular cable pattern might be a tad too much for someone who has never done cables before now. But I'm on row 25, and things are looking right so far, and I just couldn't take on a ton more plain stockinette just yet. And I just don't feel ready for color work other than stripes. So, cables it was.

You know that song that goes "Saturday, in the park, I think it was the fourth of July"? I think it would be funny if that guy had only ever been to the park on the Fourth of July. That would explain why it always seemed that way to him.

I made a cake yesterday, chocolate with buttercream icing. It's super yummy.

I also pulled the stove out of it's cubby hole and almost dropped it on my feet, because I didn't know it wasn't already on the floor. Kitchen appliances are heavy. But now it's clean under there.

I've got my whole day ahead of me today, after I vacuum and mop and finish a load or two of laundry. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I was thinking of going to get a cable needle, because I've been using a double pointed needle and that's really too long and straight to be comfortable. But it's been so hot, I'd way rather stay home in the air conditioning and not ride my bike anywhere. I might knit and watch season one of gilmore girls. That really sounds like a perfect afternoon.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

I think the house missed me

I'm back now. We actually got back Thursday night. I've been settling in since then. Things got a little grimy while I was gone, but it's been nice to get back into routine and get the sinks and showers and things all scrubbed up. I did a ton today, normal things like laundry and dishes, but I also really branched out and worked outside. I know, I'm shocked too. I probably won't do it again for a long while though. There's a reason I hate doing outdoor work. I weedwacked our little rectangle of grass, but ants attacked me, and I had to get into the pool to get them all off. So then I put together the lovely outfit of jeans with socks over them and finished the weed wacking. Then I went to dig out the dirt and weeds that were keeping our back gate from closing all the way and latching. That went pretty well until I came up with a shovel full of dirt that included the cable cord. That reminded me that the cable goes through there. Duh. So, since I was so glad I didn't cut right through it, I gave up for now on digging back gate areas. At least it latches now. I had a really good visit and lots of fun at Mackinaw, but it's really good to be home again. There's nothing really going on here, just cleaning and getting back into my routine, which is just the way I like it. The Craftmart is closing which is depressing. But the fancy yarns are on sale, which makes me want to spend copious amounts of money. I mean, like, llama money. But on yarn.

I never did finsh my shapely tank for the trip to Mackinaw, but I've been working on it today. I just have the trim around one armhole to finish knitting, and then sew up the side seams and weave a millon and a half ends. I don't know why I have so many ends to weave in when it's just a one color sweater. Maybe I'll finish it today. Most likely it'll be some time this week.

Well, I've got to go put potatoes in the oven for dinner. Salad and baked potatoes, how's that for healthy?

Glad to be back!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yes Michigan

So, guess what I get to do?

Yep! I get to stay in Michigan till the end of the month when Ben comes back for a meeting at Mackinaw Island. And I get to go to Mackinaw Island too!


Other news. I started the shapely tank from White Lies Designs using some mercerisized cotton by Renyolds in a pretty dusty lilac color. It's going well. I'm hoping to finish it within the next two weeks. Good luck, right?

Still no pictures. Maybe I'll get a card reader later. Or my blog will stay boring and picture free till I get home again.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

From Adam's House:

The wedding went really well. I think Julie was very happy and it was great to see that. And my dress never fell apart or anything, so that was good too. I'm now taking suggestions about what the heck to do with that thing. Cutting it apart is okay. Most practical idea wins, I think.

I've been knitting the same sock all week. Mostly because I'm at the point of making the heel so I haven't gotten going on that so much. I need to concentrate for that part, and there's not much concentration opportunity lately. Well, maybe not concentrate, but at least count.

We ate at the Chinese buffet today. Ugh.

Adam and Ben and I are going to see Over the Hedge later, and then probably go see the fireworks tonight.

Not much to say now actually, and I want to visit with Donna before she has to leave for work, so I might try to get to post later.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

Not smudge

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Monday, June 26, 2006

I fixed the hem

and then did a happy dance because it actually turned out right. I was going to sacrafice a goat in thanks, because it seemed that monumental, but I'm just not a killer type. So a heart felt and sincere thank you God seemed to suffice.

We leave this morning. I'm going to have to sit for two hours at the airport after Ben's plane takes off. Which is why I'm up at 3:30am when my plane doesn't leave till 8:30.

I'm planning to have a fun time on this trip and do all sorts of stuff with all our family. Of course, the car is costing a ton and a half to rent, so really, going places to see everyone will be the only advantage. And all we'll be able to do, because when Ben saw the price of the rental, he put a lock down on all other spending. Poo.

Oh Jimmy John's and McDonald's Cherry Pies, here I come!

Ali, that's so weird, I thought maybe it meant hot from the context. Guess I'll have to reread those letters and see who we thought was gay, lol.

Okay, probably won't be many updates while I'm gone, but I might post some phone pictures. And wedding pictures when I get back!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's a dress

Well, this was supposed to be a triumphant post to show off my dressmaking skilz, but I think I completely screwed up the hem not ten minutes ago, so I'm not feeling exactly triumphant. I have no idea what I'll do about the hem, but fiddle dee dee... I won't think about that right now.

So here's my expertly fitted bride's maid gown*:

*Pre-Hem Mangling

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