Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Confession Time

Okay, I have something to admit. I made Ben go and see Bloodrayne with me. And I really liked it. I have a weakness for quasi-medieval hot kickass vampire type things. The fact that it had Meatloaf in it made it even better. You're all wondering about my sanity now. That's okay, here's something to make you wonder more. I really like his brand of cheesy mist in the street dramatic dark romance. Like the little dialogue in the beginning of hot summer night. Yes. Yes I would offer my throat to the wolf with the red roses. I'm that freaky. :)

And while I'm blogging random things... you know what really creeps me out? When they put the Simpsons in real stuff. Like a real life background with Bart and Homer walking around. I hate that. Really creeps me out.

Also. I hate the post office. Our mail doesn't come till almost seven most nights. And yesterday the carrier left my packages that were outgoing. Um, hello? Dude? Isn't your whole JOB to carry MAIL? Couldn't suck more. I'm tempted to demand an explanation. But then I'd have to be rude and question his ability to be a postal worker. I'm not so into being rude to people's faces, and I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn't handle it in a not rude way.

So, I'm still sick. Crazy mutant cold. I'm going to the dr. if I'm not better tomorrow. I think. How long does a virus last? Because if I'm past that, I want an antibiotic. Otherwise, I try not to take them.

I'm going to start my next pattern today. It's a sweater made with SWTC Bamboo. I've already gotten as far as swatching for it, so today I'll do the diagrams and graphs. I might only get that far, as I keep falling into a Nyquill induced haze, but it'll be a good start.

Also, you decide: Kelly green Simply Soft hoodie with cabling: Asstastically ugly or just poor judgement or a definate do. I keep vacillating.

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1 comment:

Julie said...

Rule of thumb: Hoodies are always a definite do.

I LOVE hoodies.

Why am I not wearing a hoodie right now?

I want my hoodie.

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