Monday, January 16, 2006

Homeowners are obviously a bunch of suckers...

We went to the Home Show on Saturday. It was actually a lot of fun, and I managed to resist all the beguiling offers of miracle brooms/sponges/choppers/cookware/lint rollers/etc. We did buy a set of Cutco knives. But that's because we've been shopping around for knives for months now, and we both know that we like cutco and they're pretty good. So those should be coming next week, and I'm inexplicably excited about them. We also researched having fake grass and a putting green put into the back. Well, maybe not the putting green, though how awesome would that be? I could put up a big clown face. Nope, too scary. A windmill. So, we might actually take the gross weedy parts of our lawn and turn them into astroturf. Can you believe that? Fake grass? And it actually is pretty neat looking and really tempting to get? Am I a sucker or what?

I also brought home some sort of death cold from the home show. And Ben found three dollars on the ground. He totally won that round. I think I've really got some kind of sinus infection perhaps. It's not fun, that's for sure.

I've been printing and packaging my patterns for the sampler. I have to get them out in the mail today. I was planning to do 200 and be a super mega contributor, but my printer's out of ink, and I've only gotten about 100 or so printed, so that'll be my contribution. Guess I should have started this project sooner.

I finished the cute little felted purse! It came out pretty much just how I imagined it would. Here's a quick picture.

Next time I'll pose it and lint roll it of course. Actually, I'll have to make it pretend to be a model and do a photo shoot, becasue this is the first pattern I'm going to be selling in my line of patterns that are for sale. It'll probably be two dollars for the pdf of the pattern.

Anyway, I have packing up to do... why did I decide that it was necessary to send candy in with my contribution. That just complicated things way too much.

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Julie said...

Cute Purse!

Yeah, Ben definitely won.

Bethany said...

Thanks. I'd say the best part of it is that it came out just exactly the way I saw it in my imagination.

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