Thursday, January 05, 2006

Too much "vacation"...

Seriously. No more leaving for two weeks at a time. It was just too much being gone. I did have a very nice time visiting with everybody over all though.
Donna and I hung out on Thursday before Christmas, and that was super fun. Marissa did my hair crazy cute.
Christmas was fun and everyone seemed to like the things that I made them.
I got to meet Julie's fiance, and though we didn't let him say much, I can tell that he's definately "my kind of people". I liked him, and I thrilled for her.
I had a nice time at my in-laws and got to spend a little time getting to know the newest sister in law. I have decided that I'm going to start talking to them just like I'd talk to my own family. So I may not be as polite as I have in the past, but at least they'll know me a little better. I also don't want to have anything to do with the question of Ben's grandparents. It's so far from my business, I just don't feel comfortable giving input.
All in all, I ate too much, didn't exercise enough, and am glad to be back in my own clean and organized house with lots of sun. And I'm feeling energized and eager to get going on lots of projects.

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Julie said...

Did I tell you that when we got in our car to leave, Brian was like, "When are they moving back to the Midwest? Because I can DEFINITELY see us hanging out with them.... A Lot."

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