Friday, February 17, 2006

Ahh... Disneyland... my true love....

I just don't know what it is about Disneyland that I love so much. I actually get choked up when I walk down Main Street and see Sleeping Beauty's Castle. (Why does no one ever call her by her real name, Aurora?) It's so corny and sappy, but I just buy right into it every single time.

We went on Thursday, and it was so much fun. Ben had a business meeting in Orange County, and the team activity was Disney. And I love it so much that his boss invites me along on these things. We just got back this evening and the cats are still well and the house is still here, so everything is pretty great in Beppyland right now.

Other things that have been going on right now... I was trying to do a tank top for the crochet olympics, but I ran out of the yarn I was using, and didn't work on anything the whole time I was gone to CA, so that just didn't work out. I'll have to try again though because the attempt gave me some really good ideas, and I want to try them out while they're fresh. I got my first payment from the Shop n Check mystery shopper people. That's exciting. The artificial grass people put down the curbing for our putting green while we were gone and it looks pretty neat.

For Valentine's Day I made Ben a fancy dinner of steak and baked potatoes, steamed green beans, and strawberry shortcake. I even did an appetizer of motzarella sticks. That same day, I pulled the shower pipe right out of the wall... I either don't know my own strength, or the plumbing in this house is just not up to snuff. Anyway, I get to play plumber this weekend and fix that.

That's kind of all that's been going on with me. I'm pretty much still on a Disney high. Next time I'm going to kid nap one of the Matterhorn Abominable Snowmen and bring him home with me.

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Anonymous said...

I seem to recall you being quite weak, though I can say the same for myself. I'm going to have to guess that the plumbing in your house is not what is should be... either that or you need to lay off the steroids for awhile.


Julie said...

How did "the fixing" go, by the way?

Bethany said...

I am. Very weak. Still. Anyway, yeah, it was all rusted and broke off where it threaded into the other piece. I was kinda funny, I brought the broken piece into Ace, and said, see what's not here? That's still in the pipe in the wall. They told me what I needed to buy it, but they were out of that piece. So I called a different Ace today, and they're out of it too. I'm going to call and bug them every day till I can get it.

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