Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ben and I went to the Renn Fest yesterday. That was a fun time. We decided to go yesterday because it was half off day, so that was cool, because what was worth twenty dollars, I just can't see being worth forty. The joust was pretty good and they put on a good show, so it was worth the twenty it cost to get in. And we got a cute little pewter cat to add to our odd collection of random little pewter things that we buy at random weird places. I'm still looking for some sort of way to display those. And we did this neat thing where you rub paper with a piece of crayon type stuff over a brass plate to make the design show on the paper. Like those things with the plastic interchangable plates from when I was a kid. But big. And medieval-y. I'll have to take some pictures of them once we get them into frames. I did a unicorn... yes, i have odd medieval unicorn art in our room. Yes, I know that I should just go off and join a gamers' guild.

Today I planted a ton of flowers and things in the empty planters around the yard. Why were they empty? Because I have the black thumb, and all photosynthisizing things hate me. Why did I plant more? Because I'm a fool with eternally springing hope. And my in laws are coming this week so the putting green is going in tomorrow and I figured I should try to get the yard looking kind of nice before they get here. So, petunias. I mean, petunias are what they use on public lands where people walk and throw trash. I should be able to keep them alive for a week at least. Right? I really really wish I could grow things. I keep trying thinking that I'll be able to do it, and then slowly and pathetically, they die. The whole time, I'm trying to figure out where I went wrong... oh where did I go wrong? I sound like a mom. Maybe I should try guilting them into living.

Our putting green is going in tomorrow. Just between you and me (and by "you" I mean all of the people who read my blog ever, lol), this whole thing is starting to bug me a little. I mean, it's quite expensive and they keep calling and asking me questions that should go to Ben, etc. But it's his yearly bonus, and this is what he picked out to get. And after tomorrow, it'll be all finished up, and I won't have to worry about it again. And I'll then develop a mean game of putt putt. Oh yeah, I'll take you all on in mini-golf!

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Julie said...

How'd the shower-head thing come out? :)

Bethany said...

Still haven't gotten that darned tool thing. The other stores are out of it too. And the auto supply stores I called. Why would they all be sold out just when I need one.... totally weird.

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